Adam D. Block essay

The Power Of Raffle Fundraisers

Every student longs for their first year of high school and knows it is the marker in life which shows they are growing and inching closer to that banner that waves in adulthood.  My freshman year was just as that; however, it was also paired with the ominous band competition trip to Colorado.  This band trip was known as the main event of the year, but also came with price of strenuous fund raising throughout the year.  The funds to be raised were to cover the competition fee, transportation, lodging, and food expenses, and, possibly, a full day of skiing.  With the final goal in place, the anticipated year of fundraising began.

With the band boosters’ assistance, we started planning seasonal raffle fundraisers for the year.  We researched raffle fundraisers and concluded they can be very successful fundraisers in the fact that costs for this type of fund raiser are very low, and the proceeds are resultant of the number of tickets sold and, thus, they yield high profit margins. We began this task by gathering a few of my fellow band students into a committee to discuss possible strategies and ideas concerning our potential raffle fundraiser.  After brainstorming and deliberation, it was decided that each committee member would contact local businesses and community members for donations of items for future raffles.  After two weeks, we discussed donations offered by the community and decided on the item to offer for our first raffle.  As a committee, we finalized the beginning and ending dates of the raffle fundraiser, planned the date, and how the giveaway would take place.  We had decided to offer smaller gifts and certificates as extra prizes to enrich the prize pool.  The stubbed tickets were then formatted and sent to the print shop for printing.  Once the tickets were printed, we divided the tickets into selling teams and it was explained that it was imperative to give the stub to the customer with the understanding that they must retain the stub in the event that their ticket be the one pulled in the final raffle.  On the previously designated date, the winning ticket was drawn as well as tickets for the secondary prizes and our committee convened to notify the winners and make plans for pick up or delivery.

Once all the prizes were distributed, we had a committee meeting to discuss the pros and cons of this fundraiser.  It was a unanimous pro that the raffle was extremely successful due to the fact that the proceeds earned would more than cover the price of the full day of skiing at the resort.  Due to this fact, it was decided that another raffle would take place in two months and that this span of time would give the committee reasonable time to collect more donations and make other needed arrangements for the next raffle.  After this discussion, it was noted that cons included the need to contact winners and arrange for pick ups and deliveries.  As a solution to this, we discussed coinciding the next raffle with other fundraisers to make use of the current crowd and to end the raffle with the fundraising event in order for the winners to pick up their prize at the designated time of the drawing.

As a result, our committee witnessed proof that raffles can definitely be a successful fundraiser and then created a plan of how to make our next raffle fundraiser more productive.  Within two months, our committee sponsored another raffle fundraiser and, with our improvement plan in place, our proceeds doubled over that from our first raffle.  With those results, we were much closer to our monetary goal for our band trip and, with  our new understanding of the power of fundraising raffles, we understood what was needed to reach our goal and had proof that with hard work, we were sure to meet our goal beyond doubt and, thus, have a successful band trip to Colorado.



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