Brittany Reynolds essay

I have been a part of many raffles in my lifetime. Ranging from riffles, dinners, cash, gift cards up to $5,000 reward, toys, and so many others! The most recent raffle I have been a part of was the gun & cash raffle my 4-H Club, Go Hog Wild, put on. Over the past few years we have put on a “Riffle Raffle” with a riffle that gets donated to us. We do a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. Clearly the 1st place item is supposed to be the riffle, but not everyone wants the riffle, so the winners get to choose their prizes in the order drawn. Riffle, $500 cash, $100 cash are the prizes we have been able to award people.

Our 4-H leader gives each member 5 tickets and asks each member sells 5 for $10 each or that families with 2-3 members sell 8 for $10 each or that families of 4+ sell 10-12 for $10 each. Which is great she thought of goals for us and recognizing that families with multiple people participating aren’t going to be able to sell as many each as a single member. She understood and made a goal easy to reach knowing most try to keep it even between who sells how many in each family.

We have a little over a month to sell the tickets then she collects money and we do the drawing and call the winners all in one night!

I love that my 4-H group does this to help our members with being able to go to the 4-H summer camp if they want to go but don’t have the money to go, as well as we donate some of the money to the St. Patrick’s King & Queen fundraiser we do where all 4-H groups participate to raise money for the community, we also put some of the money raised into our scholarship fund to give to high school graduates if they have been in the Go Hog Wild 4-H group for X-amount of years.

The experience enriched me to sell more than I needed due to the reward the group would get and how I would overall help my community. I received a check from the 4-H group when I graduated high school and I know this raffle helped the others in my graduating class, as well as 4 members to go to the summer camp, and helped put double the money our King & Queen candidates raised which means a lot of the money we raised went directly back to the community.

We had outstanding results and ended up for the second consecutive year having to print more tickets for members to sell due to us all selling so many more than was expected of us! That honestly blew my mind on how many we sold just for a riffle and two cash prizes. It blew my mind how well my 4-H group worked together to sell the tickets and raise money for everywhere we used the money.

I am very proud to have been a part of this raffle for 4 years and to know it will continue to bring the community together with its success!say

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