Raffles Are Good For The Soul by Matthew Sythandone

Raffles Are Good For The Soul by Matthew Sythandone


“Welcome to Matt’s Coffee Shop!! Today, we're doing a promotional raffle for our customer appreciation day! Want to enter?” Said the ecstatic coffee shop owner. The guest replies with “Of course! I love raffles!”


Raffles are a really good way to get guests excited about a business. You could offer free coffee for a month, or spend some money on luxurious prizes in order to grasp the guests attention.


In my personal experience, I’ve helped with raffles for multiple events in high school, and people really remember the raffles that give away like an ITunes card! Usually raffles have shown to gain customer loyalty, because they remember that day the local shop treated the customer like they were important to the business. They weren’t just a dollar sign that get the business money.


Also at my job, we had a raffle to go for free to the Rose Bowl, and Dr.Pepper sponsored it. I had multiple guests ask after, they were done with their meal if they could enter the raffle. Unfortunately the raffle was over, but the guest walked away full and happy with their experience at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The managers at my job keep constant track of guest projections. It has always been constant that after we do raffles, for multiple events the guest count and the restaurants check average for each guest increases significantly. This showed my managers that we should do more promotional deals, so in the two years I’ve been employed we always do a raffle for the Rose bowl.


Then we’ve also done raffles for the employees. Since employee loyalty is as important as the guests loyalty. The management for the employees made a big game out of the raffle. If we as servers sold a certain number of whatever food item, we were entered in a raffle for a free food, drink, or get of work card. That was something that I noticed really got the employees excited about doing their work. The more management did these different raffles for us, the more we became happy employees. Now a few months after I became a server at my work, they started doing a raffle for $25. What we had to do to get entered was basically help someone in need, a guest or an employee. Or we had to give exceptional service to the point a guest would write a comment card.


At the end of every month, the manager would draw a comment card from a guest, or a high-five that an employee wrote and a lucky winner would walk away with some money! In conclusion, raffles are a real good tool in order to get guests/customers happy! It also can get employees, excited about doing their work. From my experience with my job it has shown an overall increase of employee and guest happiness! That's the most important thing!


The happy employee equals a happy guest! Happy guests, means THEY COME BACK AND SPEND MORE MONEY! When people spend money on a product or a service that's always a positive for the business. Raffles are good for the soul! We need them to be happy!

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Contributed by Matthew Sythandone

December 30, 2015



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