Raffles Are an Exciting Way To Promote a Business by Mitchell Parkes

Raffles Are an Exciting Way To Promote a Business by Mitchell Parkes


Raffles can bring an alternative exciting way to bring out to promote a business. Raffles are a fun, safe environment that helps the company gain consumer trust. Raffles can include products to showcase the new products bringing product recognition. In addition, companies can raffle items for charity bringing good will to the company building consumer trust. Even if people don’t want to buy the product they will purchase tickets to help out the charity.


You’ve been there before sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for him to call your ticket number. Wanting the prize so badly and then never hearing your number called. Many people want what they cannot have and will go purchase the product regardless if they originally really wanted it or not. It will become a more prized possession to the individual. This gives the product a higher value than before. Businesses can use this as a way to increase consumers purchasing their product.


People feel better about themselves when they’re helping others, especially when they get something in return. This is known as the, “Girl Scouts Effect.” Buying raffle tickets they wouldn’t normally purchase because it will help some proceeds go to a charity will increase ticket sales.


A good way to get more people to come to the raffle and increase sales is having the first twenty-five who purchase raffle tickets get invited to a party provided by the host. Examples of this could be a karaoke night or a beer and wine tasting. Make the event a yearly event and people will want to come back to the raffle again for another host provided party. This will help create a greater sense of urgency for people to go and arrive early. People know the raffle is for a good cause and it gives them another time to socialize with people.


Raffles are a good way to promote company image. It is a fun, safe environment that everyone enjoys. People get to socialize and meet owners and staff of the company building customer trust and loyalty. People will remember the way the company made them feel, and that surely helps build customer loyalty. Consumers want a company that they can trust and associate positive emotions with. In addition, raffles can help showcase new product lines helping build customer recognition of the product.


A good way to bring customer retention is offering a free raffle ticket for an email address. The company can then email new deals and products to bring in more customers. The customer thinks they might win a big prize, while you get contact information.


A good way to increase raffle sales is to stress the importance of scarcity of the product. People want a product that may be limited to purchase in the future.

Raffles help promote the company through word of mouth. When others tell their friends they are attending a raffle more people will become interested in the event. This creates more publicity for the company and brings more potential buyers looking at your business.


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