Raffles and Business by Chitundu Simpanya

Raffles and Business by Chitundu Simpanya


Businesses. They're places that are always expanding, always looking to new opportunities for people to come and enjoy their services as well as places that always want to connect, not only with regular customers but people who love to come back.

Return value. Businesses love to create return value and thrive off of this, not only this but also word of mouth and excitement built from the connections people have, community as well creation of it's own community. A business that makes the right connection and the right connections with people can easily reap the benefits in customer loyalty and spread of names, which brings in easy and constant streams of people flowing through. Not only this but it keeps people in the store and interacting, interested in the business.

There are many ways for a business to create these types of outcomes but with regards to community, getting people involved excited and in the store a raffle is a great way to do this.

Many people are first introduced to the raffle in a church environment, surrounded by people they love and have been with for years or if new to the church are getting to know. This is a great atmosphere to be able to tap into, creating friendliness and ease of access to gentle attentions, if you have questions? Ask them, if you have worries? Let them go, there are plenty of those who surround you who can help, gladly and willingly so. Not only this but raffles get the feel of taking chance, the announcer quickly going through the numbers as they're picked sprinkling banter in between while on stage a nice backdrop curtain perhaps a Vegas red as those who sit in the crowd wait their number.

Raffles have a great place in the hearts and live in the minds of people and this can be advantageous to people as they bring in ticket carriers lucky enough to have their turn at the prizes on offer, not only is it about winning it's about being there in a no pressure manner that gets those inside looking and looking around as they enjoy themselves, taking time perhaps before or after the event to become acquainted with the business and what they offer, developing connections and learning of the products.

Opportunities like these are what make a healthy together sense of well being for the customer to work with.

Marketing and promotional opportunities can be bolstered by attempts like these to bring in and create community amongst store goers as well as offer shows of what working with the store would be like and show a sense of what the beliefs are in delivery of service as well as treating of people who choose to work with businesses using the raffle as a method to create standards and connection. Along with this social networks could be used as a way of involving and telling people of the happening, perhaps a way to reach those who are unable to get to the store in person but still participate and involve themselves, increasing reach and “trend” ability of the place making an event of the raffle while creating a way to contact and update as well as inform the populace of future sales, events, promotions, and discount opportunities having developed as base by way of raffles.

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