Raffles an Exceptional Tool For Business Marketing by Robert Barrow

Raffles an Exceptional Tool For Business Marketing by Robert Barrow


Any business can derive promotional and customer loyalty by performing raffles at promotional events. They are an exceptional tool for a business to market products to their target audience by creating an element of anticipation and excitement. Raffles often promote a feeling of acceptance between the events participants, and the business or retailer promoting it. This can be witnessed at any large promotional or community event, which involves the selling, vending, or distribution of a product during a special event, since they often attract large groups of people. Raffles have the tendency to create a pleasurable anxiousness amongst its participants, and bring people together from all walks of life. A business or retailer can succeed in attaining a positive reaction amongst their target audience, and as a result, are able market the businesses products. They may also have various products displayed near the area of the raffle, which may allow for the potential sale of items that are being vended or sold in correspondence to the event.

A raffle is a very skillful tactic for a business or retailer who is I need of exposure, because it helps to establish credibility for the company and its representatives. The audience feels a connection between themselves and the business, simply because they are engaging them and/or their loved ones in a group activity. Sometimes, businesses or retailers tend to be disfavored for their lack of contribution to the community, and raffles are a fantastic way for a business to “give back” to the community. This establishes valuable connections between the business and members of the community, in addition to establishing the company’s credibility.

But what about the prizes? Probably the most important element of the raffle is the potential to win a prize. Usually, a business will offer many small to intermediate prizes, and one prize called a “grand prize,” which of course is the most desired of all and the focus of the raffle. Prizes can range from various items, to specific items, which can be won by the participant if they intend to stay for the duration of the event. When a business promotes through a raffle, they are simultaneously representing themselves in front of a live audience. Businesses are aware that “free is good,” and will utilize the opportunity to market themselves through a raffle to increase their popularity and fan base.

There are some businesses, including Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, and other well-known retailers who utilize raffles for marketing purposes around the holidays and during certain promotional events throughout the year. This type of marketing can dramatically increase the popularity of a retailer or business seeking to engage their customers in a friendly event, which represents the retailer as a whole. Employees of the retailer of business have the opportunity to build their social relations through marketing products during the raffle, and building loyalty between the customer and the business. When individuals and families are confronted with opportunities to win free products or goods from a retailer, they tend to feel more accepted, welcome, and invited. Through conducting these raffles, the business is much more likely to establish a strong customer base, and perpetuate the opportunity for repeat business for years and years to come.


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