Exodus Ranch Raffle to benefit

Exodus Ranch Raffle to benefit the Equine Assisted Mentoring Program for Foster and Adopted Children
This program uses the healing power of horses to help chlidren struggling with PTSD, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The program is being offered FREE for Foster and Adopted children. It is our goal to raise enough funds yearly to keep it a free program.
1st Place is 40% of the monies raised (so if $2,000 raised, pot would be  $800)
2nd Place is an Omaha Steak package! 
Suggested Donation is $2 per ticket or 6 tickets for $10
Drawing will be help on August 6th! Tickets are available by contacting us at exodusranch@hotmail.com! Thank you for supporting these special kids!

Douglasville, Ga

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