Raffle Tickets The All Occasion Fundraiser by Michell Wiley

Raffle Tickets The All Occasion Fundraiser by Michell Wiley


The sale of raffle tickets is a great way to raise money for any occasion. These occasions can include raising money for a sick or dying person. It can help by paying for a student to go on a field trip with their class. It can also pay for added expenses for a person who wants to participate in a club or organization, but does not have the financial means to do so. Raffle tickets can be sold for any type of sales event. It is easy, manageable, and anyone of any race, color, gender or age can participate.


There are many ways to encourage the sales of raffle tickets. One of these ways to provide an incentive such as highest seller awards, or portions of the funds received for sales being won by the highest sellers. Another way to encourage the sales of raffle tickets is to find a cause and for the raffle. For example, if someone is raising funds to go on an educational trip, the person who is going on the trip may write or give a narrative of why they want to attend the field trip, or how important it is to them. Another example would be to sell tickets at an event such as a soccer tournament, so the public has a chance to view what they are purchasing tickets for.


Another way to promote sales of raffle tickets is to use social media. Facebook is a great way to ask people to purchase raffle tickets. Tugging at the hearts of family and friends while obtaining promises to help the cause not only commits people to purchase a raffle ticket, but it also allows friends to show other friends what type of sales are occurring. The work place is always a great way to promote raffle tickets. The office has a steady flow of parents who sell items throughout the year. Reminding coworkers that certain items were purchased from their children during certain events is always great feedback.


One of the best ways to also advertise the sales of raffle tickets for a specific cause is to use the newspaper or radio talk shows. This is free and open up many opportunities for people to be aware of fundraisers in communities. Putting up a booth with pictures at the malls and grocery stores can also produce opportunities for people to become informed. Many times there are people who are not informed of activities going on in the community. Providing a contact name and number for interested donors to contact is beneficial in the sales of the tickets.


Regardless of how the raffle tickets are sold, the end result can only be a positive one. Raffle ticket selling can be made fun, easy and appropriate for anyone interested in helping out the cause. The message to provide is that even one ticket sold is better than none.

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