Raffle Tickets Are In High Demand In a Small Town by Kayla Leland

Raffle Tickets Are In High Demand In a Small Town  by Kayla Leland



I am from a fairly small town called Standish which is located in southern Maine. It is a beautiful area with a lot of history, and a place where may owners of small businesses have settled. It is also an area with an abundance of children, and sports have always been a main focus for many of the families that live around here. That being said, there are a ton of fundraisers that go on in my town, thus the demand for raffle tickets. Raffle tickets here are used every Friday night at football games for the 50/50, for prize giveaways for the Real Deal 5k that is held annually for a man who died of cancer and left behind 2 children and a wife, to draw names on who will be working concessions at the next soccer game for all ages, and to pick teams for little league softball and baseball. Raffle tickets are in high demand in a small town like mine!

We can maximize the sales of raffle tickets by ensuring that our prizes are desirable. People are so driven to help out and see a benefit at the same time, making 50/50 raffles an ideal way to raise money and make sure your organization can raise the money needed to sustain itself. If a person desires a prize enough, there’s no telling how many tickets they would buy! Knowing that their donation is going to a good cause is a sure way to get just about anyone to buy a ticket or two.

Some prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales would most certainly be cash prizes, but besides that an effective strategy for organizations I have been a part of have been getting local donations from the businesses in the area. You can walk into Hannaford, Texas Roadhouse, or any other corporate business and they would be more than happy to help you out. And besides the big guys, smaller businesses like mom and pop grocery stores and restaurants are usually willing to donate a gift card or something of the sort to help out a good cause. You can use these donations as raffle prizes!

Some ways to motivate volunteers to sell the most tickets could be to offer them an incentive seeing as they are not getting paid. You could offer the winner one of the donations made, for example a gift card or small prize that was donated. Also a t-shirt for the day, or a meal at the end of the fundraising event could do wonders for the volunteer’s morale. If my word isn’t enough, I can give you an example! I currently work at Texas Roadhouse as a server and we play games to upsell and give out “fishbowls” almost every night. Fishbowls are our email database. The games vary from person with the most emails at the end of the night to the person who sold the least amount of waters, and the prizes vary from a free meal, to a night without side work. It really works! Especially when the prize is to get out of your side work, because no one wants to do that!

So although we may not think of it, raffle tickets play a very important part in the framework for fundraising events, and hopefully these ideas can help us raise some more money for a good cause!


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Contributed by Kayla Leland

July 31, 2015

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