Raffle Fundraisers Simple and Successful by Katelyn Randall

Raffle Fundraisers Simple and Successful by Katelyn Randall


Having raffle fundraisers are always very simple and very successful. I have participated in several raffle ticket fundraisers throughout the past few years with my softball team. They are very successful because all you have to do is sell tickets and most times the times only range from a dollar to five dollars. Who doesn’t have at most five dollars to spend on fundraisers? People are more willing to pay into raffle drawings because not only are they cheaper but they also can have some very good prizes. So why not pay a few dollars and get something worth twice as much as you had to pay?


For best results when holding a raffle ticket fundraiser, make the participating sellers sell a minimum amount of raffle tickets. Now let’s take my sports team for an example. My coach asked us to sell at least ten tickets at three dollars apiece. There were fourteen girls on the team, so at a minimum you should have made $420. Since it is a raffle ticket fundraiser, all benefits go straight to the group, minus any money that will be needed to purchase the prizes. Another way you can maximize your sales is do the raffle ticket sale in a very busy location. For example, I have seen people selling raffle tickets at booths set up at city and county fairs because there are going to be a lot of people.


When holding raffle ticket fundraisers make sure that the prizes you are offering are decent prizes. Now I’m not saying to raffle off something expensive like a car or a computer but make it something that people would be interested in. For my softball team, our prize was a portion of the money we made. Now people would love to give a few bucks to make money. If you don’t want to use money as a prize, then you can easily put together a little gift basket but be sure to make it worth more than what they had to pay per ticket. So if you chose to sell tickets at five dollars, don’t just go out and put a small basket together with very cheap candy. Make it full sized candy bars and maybe throw in some organizational gear (if available).


Does the fear of not selling enough tickets scare you away from doing a raffle ticket fundraiser? Don’t let it, provide some good motivation for your sellers to sell as much as possible. For my softball team, my coach could have told us that each person who sold twenty tickets or more can get a free day at practice. I know that would’ve been motivation enough for me and maybe all of the other girls. Another method of motivation could be to offer them something in return of their services if they are just volunteers. Say if they sell 20 tickets then they will get a $10 gift card to a restaurant of their choice. Any little motivation does help.


Have you been planning to have a raffle ticket fundraiser but not sure if it will go very well? In my fundraising experiences, raffle ticket fundraisers have always had the best outcome. All you need is some people to help with the selling of the tickets and a prize.


You don’t have to necessarily purchase the prize. If you are a large company or just a well-known organization, you can go to surrounding businesses and ask if they had any kind of donation available for your fundraiser. Sometimes you will find places, such as restaurants that have coupons for a free item available. If you ask enough places you may be able to get several of these and put it all into one grand prize or separate it into several prizes. If you have the prize and the people to sell your tickets then you’re on a good track for a successful raffle ticket fundraiser.


Don’t ever forget to make sure that you are having fun in the process. No one wants to purchase tickets from someone who doesn’t care about what they’re selling, so take pride in it and sell your heart out. 


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Contributed by Katelyn Randall

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