Prizes That Would Stimulate Ticket Sales by Melissa McKinney

Prizes That Would Stimulate Ticket Sales by Melissa McKinney

In order for any company to be successful, they need to keep certain things in mind, especially a raffle ticket company. One of those things is what prize would make people want to buy raffle tickets. These have to be worth people “betting the odds” and hoping to win a raffle prize.

Something that any sports fan would want is a prize containing their favorite sports team. Whether it is professional or college, fans are willing to spend money to win it. These would be good prizes because everyone likes to show off their favorite sports team. It would almost be like who has the most pride in their team to buy raffle tickets. It is a sense of pride in this one, especially if it is between some die-hard fans.

Another thing people are willing to pay money for are date nights. Any couple with children do not get to go on date nights very often. They are usually too busy with their children’s activities, such as school, sports, or clubs. Providing date nights with children care is one of the best ways to get parents to buy raffles. Whether it is a local day care for a few hour, or a trusted friend, being able to spend a couple of hours alone together is something parents will definitely pay for.

Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway? An amusement park a couple of hours away is a great escape to just getaway for the weekend. This would also be a great package for teenagers and young adults because they would definitely enjoy a road trip to an amusement park. This raffle prize would sell because anyone from single parents, young couples, teenagers or an entire family would be willing to bet on that.

Another prize that could boost tickets sales is a bunch of board games! Family game night is a great way to get families to buy your raffles. I remember growing up and playing monopoly with my family almost every weekend. We would stay up late, sometimes until three or four in the morning. Family game night is a fun way to get families to have a good time with no cost to it! It is also a good way to bond with one another.

Another great way to have families want to buy your raffle tickets is if you have a family movie night. You could include a variety of movies such as, children’s movies, romance movies, and comedies. This is a good prize because it can literally be any movie! You could also include some popcorn and snacks to eat during the movie!

Setting up an outdoor activity as a prize is something a lot of people would be interested in. You could set up an obstacle course, and in order to participate someone has to win the raffle. This would be something anyone would be willing to bet on, from kids to grown adults. This is a fun way to make people get out and be active!

Any of these prizes would be something I would be willing to bet on. Some of the best prizes are the ones that makes you be creative. The best prizes are ones to bring people closer to one another and do fun activities together!

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Contributed by Melissa McKinney

September 28, 2015


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