Planning Your Raffle Fundraiser by Dracena Smith Bell

Planning Your Raffle Fundraiser by Dracena Smith Bell


Raising funds for different organizations, groups, churches, schools or other entities can be challenging. There are some guidelines that can be followed to make the raffle more effective and possibly a better success. Depending on time frame between the desired raffle and the desired goal that one wishes to reach some things should be considered. The first thing that should be considered even before the raffle starts is how much is the target amount or amount of raffle tickets to be raised or sold. The next consideration should be what can be raffled off as an award and the potential cost of that award. Other considerations could be whether the entities conducting the raffles will offer other incentives to attract people to come and purchase a ticket.

Considering a time frame, it is always good to plan ahead. If a group wants to hold a raffle on a Saturday or Sunday, plan at least a month ahead to work out any bugs or glitches before they occur and disturb the event. The next time frame will consider the actual days of the event. What time should workers, members, or volunteers be expected to show up in preparation to the event to set events up? What time is expected for patrons, members, community, and customers to start arriving? What time should the event end in order to ensure time for proper clean up and disassembly of event materials? It is also a good idea to assign specific people to specific posts with a relief person to take over for needed breaks.           

A budget is very important. The cost of the raffled item should be within a certain budget and perhaps may be reimbursed through excess funding received from the actual raffle. The event coordinators need to determine how much each portion of the event will cost. For instance, if there is a barbeque to attract people to the event, the cost of all of the goods should be itemized and budgeted for. Ask the event coordinators how many people they expect will contribute to the event or purchase goods and then plan an itemized budget based on a specific amount. Perhaps at this time a patron may be offered a discount or special deals on raffle tickets depending on what they buy and how much they buy. That equals a win-win situation for the patrons and those involved in the raffle.

During this event those conducting a raffle may print flyers advertising an upcoming event or future raffle and wrap them around the silverware ensemble to ensure that the patrons are more likely to look and view the materials rather than having a ground full of loose flyers. People are more likely to pay attention while enjoying a meal. I hope these pointers were helpful to future ventures.


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