Non Profit Organizations Can Hold a Successful Raffle Ticket Fundraiser by Spencer Petersen

Non-Profit Organizations Can Hold a Successful Raffle Ticket Fundraiser by Spencer Petersen


I believe that non-profit organizations can hold a successful raffle ticket fundraiser.

Most, if not all, non-profit organizations like school clubs, athletic teams, or churches can benefit by holding a raffle ticket fundraiser. In my personal experience, a raffle ticket fundraiser helped a youth ballroom team raise funds that allowed us to travel to California for a week performing at various schools to support and encourage extracurricular activities of students.

Raffle ticket sales are also great for groups that require volunteer hours because there are many phases that need people including: collecting and organizing prizes, managing and selling tickets, and delivering to the winners. I propose that the following ideas will help create a successful raffle by maximize ticket sales, choosing quality prizes, and motivate volunteers to sell tickets. 

Tickets will sell if the cause is right and the prize is worth it. The cause for the raffle is the reason you are selling tickets. People will me more likely to respond to a raffle fundraiser if it is presented as a wholesome, beneficial cause that will enrich the lives of many people.

The prize needs to be "worth" the price of the tickets, the chances of winning something, and the effort it takes to receive it. Many prizes can be donated to received at a discounted rate from local business based on whether or not they feel that the cause is right. Always remember to advertise your cause for your raffle.

My family loves to go on cruises. A cruise bundle package would be reason my family will consider entering a raffle. Especially a raffle that will allow someone we know to further his or her cause to help.

Other prizes could include gift cards to local restaurants, gift cards or seasonal passes to local attractions (ex. theme parks, gyms), products that promote productivity (ex. computers for business or school). Business are more likely to give or sell at a reduced price if they are specifically mentioned somewhere during the raffle sales. Whether that advertising is done on the tickets themselves, over the microphone during the raffle event, or even posters that can be found at the event. This allows the business to get its name out there and may even provide some potential buyers additional reasons to purchase raffle tickets.

When my high school ballroom team was selling raffle tickets I saw two types of incentive for us to sell our tickets. The first reason for us to sell was directly related to our cause. The more tickets we sold the more likely we could go and the less we would eventually have to pay out of pocket to go. That gave us a reason to sell.

The other incentive for us to sell was that the person who sold the most got a prize. A prize that was specifically beneficial for us. It was also something that was a little costly to purchase. This prize can be gathered like the other prizes for the raffle itself. Provide incentive for volunteers to sell tickets by helping them see how selling raffle tickets directly benefits them and by offering them a prize.

Encouraging volunteers to sell tickets everywhere they go can greatly increase sales because no one really knows when an opportunity will present itself to introduce the cause of the raffle, the prize for the raffle, and an offer to sell tickets. People are a part of our lives. We travel among them; we shop around them, work with them, and are even related to them. Helping volunteers feel personally responsible and directly benefited will do more to increase their desire to seek and seize opportunities to sell tickets.

Most, if not all, non-profit organizations can be benefited and further fund the noble causes that they pursue by holding a raffle ticket fundraiser. By holding a raffle ticket fundraiser they can provide many volunteer service hours for people in the community who need them, promote the local business of the area, show the community the organization's vision or cause, all at the same time raising funds necessary to fulfill that vision or cause.

Noble causes that benefit many people will foster interest and support from businesses providing the prizes and provide people a reason to purchase tickets. Helping volunteers feel responsible and enthusiastic also furthers and promotes ticket sales.


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