Non Profit Organizations and Raffles by Elijah Salahuddin

Non Profit Organizations and Raffles by  Elijah Salahuddin


Raffles are an excellent way for nonprofit organizations to raise money due to the low cost, competitiveness between ticket sellers, and people’s desire to get something expensive for a cheaper price. All of these qualities of a raffle allow the organization to raise awareness about their cause as well as promote more people to buy tickets in order to support it.

Maximizing the sale of tickets; raffles can maximize the sales of tickets by two methods, the cause or the prize. By promoting their cause the organization will appeal towards individuals who have been affected by or know someone who has been affected by the cause. Additionally, using social media to spread information about the cause and the raffle is an extremely effective way for organizations to not only spread a message, but to offer a way of supporting the cause through the raffle. Putting notice out on social media about the date, time, prizes, location, and cause will allow people time to mark it on their calendars while giving them the opportunity to tell more people about the raffle in their social circles. Offering cheaper prices for buying bundles of tickets will promote people to buy tickets in larger amounts in order to have a slightly cheaper cost per ticket while allowing more tickets to be sold as a result. For example, if one ticket was 1$ the organization could make a bundle of 5 tickets be 4.50$ and a bundle of 10 tickets be 8$. Doing that makes the bundle of 10 tickets seem more cost effective than the bundle of 5 and more tickets are sold as a result. Lastly, more tickets can be sold by segmenting some of the raffle’s numbers online (being represented by a physical ticket) and offering tickets online for people to purchase. This allows individuals who do not have the opportunity to physically be at the raffle’s location to also have an opportunity to win the prize and buy tickets.

Prizes that would stimulate ticket sales; in order to attract people to purchase raffle tickets something of high value is usually offered. The more prizes that are offered the higher the chance people feel they’ll win something. Tickets to a spa, hotel, and amusement park would be effective at attracting families who usually have every person in the family have their own ticket to win a prize. A prize such as a flat screen TV, entertainment system, or computer/laptop would be effective for people who want bigger and better tech. Additionally, tickets to Broadway performances, museums, and national monuments would appeal to people with varying interests and cultures that the previous prizes would not be applicable towards.  The best way to attract people with prizes is to have multiple options available as well as multiple winners to have people feel as though they have more opportunity to obtain a prize. By appealing to a diverse amount of people with prizes a diverse amount of people will be more inclined to buy more raffle tickets.

Promoting volunteers to sell tickets; the best pay to promote people to sell tickets is to offer the person with the most tickets sold a prize as well.  By giving people an object o look forward to they’ll be more willing to find ways to sell more tickets than a person with no incentive to sell tickets. People with a goal in mind work harder, longer, and faster in order to achieve what they have their eyes on. If offering them a prize does not work then simply giving them volunteer hours and references for work experience could lead people to working harder at selling tickets. As with the multiple prize, having many incentives will appeal to multiple people and give each person their own reason to push forward and sell more tickets. Being flexible with offers will allow a range of volunteers to work hard at selling tickets ending with more tickets sold as a result.

In the end, a raffle’s low cost, flexible prizes and rewards for volunteers allow it to be a very successful strategy for nonprofit organizations.

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Contributed by Elijah Salahuddin

August 10, 2015

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