Meeting Fundraising Goals With a Basket Raffle by Renee Sutter

Meeting Fundraising Goals With a Basket Raffle by Renee Sutter


This year, I had the pleasure to help raise funds for a local charity as part of the Charity Committee at my place of employment. The Charity Committee provides many unique opportunities to raise funds through big-ticket raffles (with prizes such as flat screen televisions, GoPro cameras and cash), popcorn and ice cream sandwich sales, and other various fundraising opportunities. Each year, the Charity Committee coordinates a Basket Raffle campaign. Members of the Charity Committee can secure donations from local organizations and can also raise money to purchase vacation get-aways or themed items.  

As a part of our Charity Committee, I had a personal goal to raise $1,000 in donations towards my basket. In order to do this, I composed written communication describing the charity the funds would specifically benefit, the people it would impact in our community, invite the business to join us in the effort to raise up this local charity. The response was overwhelming! The donations that flooded in helped create three entire baskets, as well as supplement several other baskets my colleagues were creating. In total, I received over $2,000 in donations for the Basket Raffle!  

Overall, the Basket Raffle raised approximately $8,000. This money, along with money received from additional raffles, events, and employee donations totaled just over $69,000 for the local charity. When the final total was presented to the charity representatives, we were all so proud and overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of our employees and community.  

The charity empowers local foster care youth by teaching them skills needed to be successful in life, school and work. The funds raised will help create a career-clothing closet, where gently used or new clothing is available for the young adults to have and wear to job interviews. This will give these youth the opportunity to "dress to impress", giving them that extra boost of confidence. Funds will also be used for classes that teach the young adults how to budget, create resumes, and cook a balanced meal, general hygiene, and other tasks they may have never learned while in the foster care system. Most importantly, the funds help provide a physical location where the youth can come together, share experiences, learn new skills, encourage each other, and bond together as a community. 

I felt extremely honored to take part in the fundraising efforts, knowing my contribution would directly impact and change trajectory of many young people's lives. These incredible youth now have a bright future in our community, newly confident in their skills, to pursue their dreams and goals.

As I learned more about the challenges they face day-to-day, I became more and more aware of how blessed I am to have been raised in a safe household. This experience has inspired me to raise even more donations for the next charity raffle.

I also plan to involve my family with the fundraising efforts, so my children can experience the blessing of helping others. The simple act of creating a basket raffle enriched not only my life, but also our employees and the local community who stepped up to the challenge to embrace and empower these incredible youth.  

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Contributed by Renee Sutter

November 10, 2015



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