Maximizing Your Raffle Events Effectiveness by Samuel Baquera

Maximizing Your Raffle Events Effectiveness by Samuel Baquera


Having worked for a non-profit for over four years, we have had numerous raffle events. From each event I’ve noticed some tactics the CEO uses to encourage employees and students to get involved in selling tickets. I’ve also noticed some process at which she chooses which prizes will be handed out. I believe that raffle events are a fun, cheap, easy way to make money. They require little organization and can be a whole lot of fun if you allow them to be.


Not only do raffle events give the organization free marketing, but it also makes them present in the community. They are also a great opportunity to declare the mission and vision of the organization to the community. A raffle event can be viewed as an organization reaching out to the community, to share it’s passion and vision to better the community.


One fault I’ve noticed about other raffle events is that the organization seems to focus on getting “the best prize ever.” While the prize is important, this is an event organized to raise money. Most people are already aware of this when buying raffle tickets, so they do want a good prize offered; but it is not the most important aspect. To truly sell more tickets, you must sell the event. Make an event out of the raffle: have a carnival, have a talent show, or even have a concert. This will bring people in and while it may be more costly, you will sell more tickets this way.


As stated before, prizes are important. The key to a good raffle event is choosing a prize that is not cheap, but inexpensive. For example, a television or maybe a sound system. Always choose a prize that is practical and what people use in everyday life. Most people do not want a “hand crafted masterpiece by my daughter.” They want something practical, but keep in mind that you must be able to make all the money you spent back. I would say if the tickets do not cover the cost of the prize in the first one hundred tickets, it is too expensive.


Volunteers are always the hardest part, either you will have a good amount that are not motivated, but are there out of obligation or other circumstances. The second group you may encounter is a few volunteers who are very motivated. I believe it is absolutely imperative that your volunteers see the vision of the organization for the community, this way they align with the vision and share in the excitement. Allow them to give input to the vision of the event, this way they can also feel apart. As they become apart of the event they will want to serve as much as possible. Make sure the task is not daunting, they must be given a viable goal and encouraged daily. Keep communication open, and always ask if they need help. When they see you are interested in them, they will be interested in helping you. Lastly, make sure your organization has a worthy cause. You will not get many volunteers if they cannot see the benefits of your organization. Community is key to a successful event.


With all of these ideas in mind, make sure that you and your volunteers and most importantly the community are having fun. It’s easy to get stressed and worried about things that do not go as planned, but remember that it’s only one event. There are plenty more opportunities to hold events and your community will always be willing to help. If you show a genuine interest in your community, they will want to help you as much as possible. Remember, you must be a light in the community. Show them who you are, and why you care. They will reciprocate and you will both grow in a very healthy and symbiotic relationship.

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Contributed by Samuel Baquera

August 31, 2015

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