Lend a Helping Hand With a Raffle by Dejuanna Charles

Lend a Helping Hand With a Raffle by Dejuanna Charles


Raffling for the benefit of others is a good way to lend a helping hand. It is also a beneficial to the buyers of the raffle ticket.   A non-profit organization can benefit from raffling because it’s for a good cause, good prizes, and good motivation.

There is an advantage when raising money for a good cause. It is a great feeling to help someone in need. One of the reasons I enjoy funding for someone is because I might be the one that need help one day. This is one of the reasons people should be willing to participate in raffling. It is a selfless act of kindness that teaches integrity. Some families are not as fortunate as others and I understand that and it make me want to help more. I am always helping as long as it is for a good cause. People will be willing to purchase tickets when it is for a good cause.

A good way to get involved in raffling is to have good prizes. The chances of people buying raffle tickets will increase if you have useful items. A gas cards is a prize the people would be interested in buying because of gas prices being so high. A Wal-Mart card is also a good prize because it can be used for a variety. A gift card to a restaurant is useful, especially for students and employees. Everyone can use an electronic item. Rather it is for personal use or a gift to someone else. I once bought several raffle tickets to win a barbeque pit that I wanted to give to my dad on Father’s Day. Another good gift to raffle is gift certificate to a spa. Every woman can use a spa day. Having good gifts to raffle off is a way to encourage people to be active buyers.

Having a positive leader will motivate other to look up to them. The church I attend had a baked potato sale. The money was being raised to help an elderly woman get a wheelchair ramp made. The pastor and first lady of the church were active which made the rest of the members participate. My daughters cheer team where having a car wash to raise money for a wounded Veteran. When I seen the cheer coach and the Principal of the school helping the girls it motivated me to help. My place of employment has bake sales. The money we raise goes to someone in need. All the employees bake something and bring it to work and sale it. I will admit I am lazy, but when I see the head of departments get involved it motivates me to be helpful.  Having a good motivator will help other people get involved.

There are benefits when a group is raising money for a good cause. Although the proceeds are not for the organization they can still receive something from it. A good cause, good prize, and good motivation can be gained from raffling. It is a positive outlook for both the group and the cause.

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