How to Build and Maintain a Customer Base With Raffle Tickets by Andrew Casteel

How to Build and Maintain a Customer Base With Raffle Tickets by Andrew Casteel


Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.


Imagine the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with the aroma of sizzling funnel cakes covered in powder sugar, children laughing and livestock yapping, sirens going off and music blaring. At Tractor Supply Company these characteristics are something that we live for. I am currently employed by the Store Support Center at Tractor Supply Company, and I am proudly activating three state fairs this summer. With the help of raffle tickets, I intend on helping the Tractor Supply Brand build and maintain its customer base. With vendor funding we usually are able to giveaway some type of riding lawnmower or ATV at the state fairs we are able to sponsor. We would not be able to do so without raffle tickets. The idea has been brought forth to go electronic, but I strongly believe that is not what our customers want.

Our customers are rural based and are exhilarated at the thought of receiving a raffle ticket, and winning the main prize. By people seeing the raffle going on, they are not only interested in who Tractor Supply Company is and why they have so many people at their promotional tent, but they are also intrigued at the concept that Tractor Supply Company cares enough about the customers and people they are able to serve to put in the hard work and dedication to raffle off a high ticket item as such. This not only introduces new customers to Tractor Supply and our Brand, but it also retains current customers by reminding them how much Tractor Supply Company values their business. If other businesses implemented even the smallest raffle, even in stores I believe one hundred percent that their customer base would grow. Customers are usually loyal to businesses that they believe obtain the same values as they hold, and most importantly if they feel valued by the business. Using raffle tickets is a terrific way to retain and grow your customer base. Simply by showing that the customer is so important to them that they are willing to give and item away to one individual or even a handful of individuals. Retail businesses are not the only type of business that can utilize these methods to build and retain customers.

Service businesses can also grow their market by utilizing raffle tickets. They could raffle off a service that they offer, or even some item of significance relevant to their service. An example would be if a weight management service raffled off three months free at a gym nearby. This would prove to the customer that they genuinely care about not only the clients business but their wellbeing as well. It shows that the customers are not just numbers to the business and that they are vital to the businesses success.

Whether the business is retail or service utilizing a raffle ticket program would be to extreme benefit. A small raffle can and will go a long way for any business in any industry. Implementing a raffle in a businesses marketing efforts is a strong move, and what business does not want to be a strong business?

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Contributed by Andrew Casteel

July 13, 2015



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