How Raffle Fundraising Campaigns Impact Non Profits by Zoe Tracy

How Raffle Fundraising Campaigns Impact Non Profits by Zoe Tracy


Children’s Lantern is a non-profit organization created by two of my cousins. Their goals are to feed children, find forever families for the parentless, free traffic survivors, and foster children. With these goals in mind, Children’s Lantern has raised hundreds thousands of dollars for children in need and have succeeded in helping foster children find their forever families, raising awareness around human trafficking victims, and sending meals to children in need all across the world. Every year since their creation, their biggest event has been a raffle fundraising campaign. The money that the raffles have raised has helped to defend the parentless, the hungry, and the poor. When no one else cares or knows that these children even exist, Children’s Lantern takes action.

Each year throughout October and September, Children’s Lantern acquires a Harley motorcycle that is to be raffled off. Only five hundred tickets are sold, one for twenty dollars or six for one hundred. Each year, they have sold every one of their tickets. The night that the winner is chosen is quite the affair. They sell tickets to get into the event and use it as an opportunity to spread more information about children in need. A comedian is brought in and people share their personal stories of how Children’s Lantern has impacted their family, whether by finding a child they have always wanted or providing them with food when money is tight.  The night is filled with laughter and tears. At the culmination, the winner of the raffle ticket campaign is chosen. Every year, the winner has chosen to give the Harley back to Children’s Lantern so that they may sell it and use the money to further their efforts in helping children. Over the past four years, Children’s Lantern has raised over a hundred thousand dollars and helped mass amounts of children because of it.

All of the events Children’s Lantern does either raises money to give away or to help others gain knowledge, perspective, or awareness on any of the areas near and dear to them. Through Children’s Lantern’s efforts, I myself have become more aware of helpless children around me. I now have twelve adopted family members, many people I know have gone to the Red Light District to help human trafficking victims, and I have participated in packaging food for starving children in underdeveloped countries. The raffle ticket campaign allows people to donate to a cause that they care about when they may not know of any other action that they could take. The event night surrounding the final giveaway informs all people about the dangers that helpless children face every day. Each year, Children’s Lantern’s campaign is given more money, from their loyal supporters, to people who simply see the raffle as an easy way to help out a righteous cause. Raffle tickets campaigns can be looked at as a quick way to make money but for Children’s Lantern, the campaigns have been the path to help save children’s lives.


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Contributed by Zoe Tracy

December 22, 2015


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