How a Raffle Fundraiser Can Impact Your Life by Alexandra Schutz

How a Raffle Fundraiser Can Impact Your Life by Alexandra Schutz

On a warm September evening, people filled the stands of my high school’s football field to watch the Varsity Girls Soccer Team take on their biggest rivals, Red Bank Catholic.

The money that was made from this event would benefit the Mya Lin Terry Foundation. The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is an organization started in honor of a young girl that died of cancer.

Her parents started this foundation to raise awareness and funds for other families who have children suffering through cancer.

So, on that September evening, the Girls Soccer Team was playing in memory of Mya. Not only did the foundation plan to raise money by charging to get into the event, but they also held a 50/50 raffle.

As expected, parents and students alike bought raffles tickets to enter to win the 50/50. The amount of winnings would go up every five minutes. At half time of the soccer game, when the winner was called, the amount awarded was $5,000.

So, the Mya Lin Terry Foundation would also receive $5,000.

However, the winner, a parent of young women on the playing soccer team, felt it in her heart to donate her winnings back to the foundation. So, instead of the foundation earning $5,000 from the 50/50 raffle, they actually earned $10,000.

This money will be put to great use to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Experiencing this changed my life. I have never really taken part in 50/50 raffles, but now, I take part every chance I get.

I know that my actions will greatly affect the lives of others in my community. So far, I have not won any 50/50 raffles I have participated in, but I know that I will eventually win one. At that time, I will most likely be like that extremely giving women at that soccer and donate all of the money to the organization hosting the raffle.


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Contributed by Alexandra Schutz

September 25, 2015



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