Generate Traffic to Your Store With a Raffle by Sarah Sakhi

Generate Traffic to Your Store With a Raffle by Sarah Sakhi


Businesses thrive off of their customers, and without them there would not be a business in the first place. Businesses have sales and promotions to cause their customers’ attention to come to their store. They want money and know how to get it, and an aspect of that is conducting raffles. Raffles can cause attraction for many reasons.


One of the reasons raffles cause attraction from customer sales is because raffles are free, and if they weren’t, nobody would enter in it. Raffles give out free materials, and when people hear the word free they cant help but be attracted towards it. The raffle will then be used for the business to promote a certain product of theirs. This product may be new or in some cases, just not selling as well as they thought it would. The item could not be selling for many reasons, whether it be the price, quality, or even the looks of it.


Raffles give out free items to the winners, and even though everyone isn’t guaranteed that they’ll win, they still enter in it because they have nothing to lose. If the raffles weren’t free the customers would be less likely to apply because now they have some chance of losing their money. Besides, often times the product the person could win is not what the customer is dying for, but rather it would be something that they wouldn’t mind having.


Another reason why raffles causes an attraction is because sometimes the product is actually something they have had their eye on for quite a while. When the business knows that the item they’re raffling is a high-ticket item, they will more than likely put it up for a raffle because they know many people will come to their store/ business just to get that product. The mindset of these businesses is that if they give out one free item, more people will want to buy the product based on the raffle even if they lose because the raffle was their first resort to getting the item for free.


Raffles also cause many people to come into their store, because they all want the product(s) being given away, and give it a chance even though it isn’t a 100% guarantee that they’ll win. Although the purchase of the raffle tickets would range somewhere between ten to fifteen dollars and the product being given away will cost a certain amount of money as well; the outcome of their customer satisfaction will be greater than the money they lost in the process. More customers will be coming to their store, and therefore increasing their sales because as the customers come in for the raffle they will start to look around and find other items that they need. Once the customers are in the store, the employees can start to help guide them in purchasing the items they’re looking at by their customer service skills.

Raffles cause much traffic in a store, and cause the business to thrive depending on what product is being raffled and the location of the store itself and the type of people that come into the store. All these things come into account, but no matter what the situation, a raffle will cause an increase in sales.


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