From Zero to One Hundred by Francisco Morales

From Zero to One Hundred by Francisco Morales



Being the person I am, I have done a lot with what people give me the opportunity to do. I am grateful and I would always love to help.

Throughout my high school years I was a cross-country runner. I ran alongside those with a very competitive mind-set and thoughts who planned to chive greater than others. Being at different races, some people in our school didn’t have the best equipment or even the means to do something more the train. I didn’t like seeing that the people in our team were so upset that they heard of people going to different places to train. There was idea for our school to pay for the cross-country’s trip up into mammoth to train in high altitude. Sadly this got canceled due to financial need throughout the school. Living in a predominantly Hispanic culture and seeing the struggle families have made me upset in many more ways.

Some of the families that were in struggle had a family member on the team. Alongside my coach, we had ideas to go to different neighborhoods to ask for donations to raise money for the trip to mammoth. Everyone in the team was excited and wanted to do everything possible.

Throughout the summer we planned areas for different groups to go, times that markets and business would be open, and keep count of money. Every single person on our team had to raise around five hundred dollars to go to the trip. This was a very difficult task. Every day for over a month we all went to different neighbors on bikes, scooters, and even by foot.

Many traveled over 14-18 miles away to get what they need to go on the trip. Our coach was impressed and believed in us. We had the rule that one person cannot go alone due to a risk of danger. We traveled in groups of three or five and from there we all had been connected to a chat on Facebook to keep everyone aware of where everyone was going.

Our team was like a family, we never argued and we keep everything as a way to interact. If the group were to receive a check, all of which was directed to the school for safety and financial reasons, the group would simply split the money evenly and the rest were to be put into a pool of remaining money to pay for gas and other necessities. This went on and the money was complete. Our coach then got permission from the school to be our supervisor along with other staff and we got the permission slips to go. We all went to Mammoth for a full week and didn’t have any troubles. We went to become people with low-income families to becoming the student runner that had their condos and places to sleep.

Everyone there had a great time and it’s something we will all remember. This all impacted me to see that the community and the hard work that a team is very powerful. Some upsets and some great moments happened but all for something we got to accomplish. The community was all excited and cheerful to be going. The smile and excitement the students had is something that is worth it all.

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Contributed by Francisco Morales

September 10, 2015

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