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The best way a non-profit organization can derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser would be to advertise. Through advertising many things can happen. This will help maximize the sales of their raffle tickets by allowing people to see what the fundraiser is for, what they can win, and where they can go to buy their tickets. Advertising can also help show local businesses that they can help by donating prizes to the non-profit organizations.  By doing this it can also help the business.  The business can advertise through the organization and gain a good reputation for supporting the non-profit organization. There are many prizes that the businesses could donate that would help stimulate ticket sales. One of the prizes that would help stimulate the sales would be gift cards.  The gift cards could be for anywhere. Gas gift cards can be a popular thing because gas prices are rising and any money that can help people with the expenses would make a good stimulus.  A second prize that could be a good stimulus would be electronics.  People like to receive the latest electronic product.  Television sets are a good example of one of the electronic products that would help stimulate the sale of the raffle tickets for a non-profit organization.  Many people would like to have a large flat screen television set that they can put on their wall and enjoy watching a big game or their favorite program while creating more floor space.  Another electronic product that many people would like to win would be a laptop.  Many people would like to have a laptop so that they can take their computer with them wherever they go, for example, they would probably like to have the ability to have their computer with them on a trip so that they can post pictures to the internet.  A third prize that would help stimulate the sale would be a trip.  Many people would love to take a trip to somewhere but cannot afford to do so.  By offering a trip as a prize many people would be more willing to by lots of tickets to try to win a trip to somewhere they have never been. Advertising can help display the prizes that will be raffled off and it can also help show that the non-profit organization would like motivated people to volunteer to help sell the tickets. Motivated people who are looking for volunteer opportunities can see this ad for the organization and see that they have an opportunity to help a non-profit organization gain money for what they are trying to support. This will help increase the number of motivated volunteers.  Advertising a raffle can help a non-profit organization in so many ways and this is why it is the best way it can drive benefit for their fundraiser. Advertising can help show what the organization is trying to support, display the prizes, show where the tickets can be purchased, and encourage motivated volunteers to help sell the raffle tickets.

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