Businesses Offer Free Raffle Tickets to Boost Sales by Dorothy Boozer

Businesses Offer Free Raffle Tickets to Boost Sales by Dorothy Boozer


·  Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.


Businesses love regular customers.  Customers love the recognition of being a regular customer and also flock at opportunities to win something free.  It is a win, win situation to sponsor a raffle in your business.

 If you own a retail business, you could offer a free raffle ticket for every $25.00 spent on each receipt.  If the customer spends $72.00, I assure you, he/she will reach for one more item in an effort to get three free raffle entries rather than just two!  Be sure to provide easy access displays of everyday useful items averaging about $5.00 each, at the end of the register.  This will enable the customers to purchase something they will use anyway and increase their opportunity to receive another raffle ticket. 

Conversation will be stimulated by advertising and wearing stickers or buttons containing the raffle information.  Customers love conversation, but at the same time, will most likely forget what they have been told.  Remind the customers by printing flyers and placing them in every bag.  Be sure to identify the date of the raffle drawing.  This will ensure the customer’s opportunity to return for more visits before the drawing.  Unsure of what to give as the winning prize?  Why not a gift card or shopping spree to your business?  It will bring them back to your store once again to spend their winnings! You could offer one large shopping spree to be won by a single winner or offer several smaller amounts to be won by several winners.

If you own a business that is service oriented, you could offer a free raffle ticket entry for every referral by that customer, if you are seeking more business.  Of course, the winning prize would be a free service visit from your business in the future.  If you are not in need of new customers, but are looking for increased business from your regular customers, you could offer a raffle ticket entry for every service visit during a period of time.  This would be an ideal situation if you are planning to expand your services into another avenue of service.  Each client would receive a raffle ticket for every service visit.  Your prize could be a free visit offering your new service.

The benefits of the raffle include an added conversation piece between the customers and the employees, an element of fun, an increase in sales, and repeat customers.  Everybody loves a chance to win something…and one or several will actually become winners!  Make a big deal about it, posting pictures or names of the winners along with a future raffle to look forward to! You will want to give hope to the customers that did not win…maybe the next time they will win!

Raffles are a way of advertising through word of mouth and customers.  Save your money that you would spend on media advertising.  Advertise through your customers and reward them with your savings!


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