Business Customers Are Intrigued With Raffles by Cassandra Mercado

Business Customers Are Intrigued With Raffles by Cassandra Mercado


Retail and Service businesses, especially small businesses, really emphasize using a variety of different methods of not only retaining customer loyalty but also finding new and creative ways to benefit their customers. Rather it be handing out free samples or giving out coupons, they try to promote and gain loyalty from their current customers and attract future customers by doing so. While many are successful at gaining customer base, many are not as successful at maintaining their customer base.

It is for this reason that businesses can utilize raffles in their marketing efforts. Whenever people hear “raffle” they are intrigued and drawn in. They want to know what it is that they can receive just by signing their name down and paying a small fee. I mean come on, who doesn’t like the chance to win something worth a lot more than you paid for? The word raffle itself comes with the connotation of winning and it is for this reason that many customers are so drawn to it. If a business were to utilize this kind of promotion on a month-to-month basis, they could see drastic results in their customer base. They would not only be engaging current customers but would be engaging new and potential customers.

Another great idea for a business to use raffling is raffling off the products or services that they are selling to their customers. This is especially a great idea when it comes to new customers. It gives them the chance to test out their product and see what it’s capable of doing and or the benefits of using it. Also by raffling out their own products, it is a great way of spreading word of their business through word of mouth. The person who received the product will then probably tell their friend about it who will then tell their other friend about it and this allows the opportunity for new customers. Along with this, the business can donate the proceeds from the raffling event and give it to a charity or an organization. This way the raffle not only benefits themselves and the customers but can also benefit someone outside of their business and the community itself. It’s a great opportunity to help give back to their community and in such a small yet impactful way.  By giving back, it can give their business a respectable name and can gain even more loyalty and respect from their customers.

There are so many great and different ways that raffling can affect a growing business. Not only can it help gain new and potential customers but it can also help keep and retain current customers. It allows you to give back to your customer base in a new and fun way, while instilling the opportunity to help give back to your community. Many new and upcoming businesses can benefit from using this as a promotional opportunity for their business.

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