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Your Organization Can Benefit From a Raffle Fundraiser

Here’s another astute “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay from Coppin State University student, Nneka Nnabugwu. You’ll find several good tips on how to maximize your raffle ticket sales and have a more successful fundraiser. Don’t forget the scholarship opportunity is open to all U.S. college students and offers a $1,000 award to help with college expenses. You can find details here.

Question: describe non-profit organizations; (including church groups’ civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their raffles tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggested ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.


I can remember on numerous occasion when on my way to school and I am handed a flyer inviting me to attend some fundraising event. In the community there is always some sort of club, group, or organizations that is hosting an event in support of some good cause. In the spirit of raising funds in support of an important cause, you will find that it is most lucrative to the organization to include a raffle.

When preparing for a charitable event it is important to get the word out, and this can be done through volunteers as wells members of the organization using word of mouth, passing out flyers, if possible through ads in the paper, radio, and local TV. Station, in order to get great sales you must encourage the volunteers to sell most if not all of the raffle tickets; and to whoever sells the highest number of tickets they will be receive a price. When the volunteer senses that he/she is a valuable asset to the event they are enthusiastic about doing their part which can only lead to higher sales. Also, a meeting must be carried out in order to plan strategies on the best ways to make the public aware as well as best strategies on how to sell the tickets.

As the guest arrives they should be engaged in different activities (activities like face-painting, making balloon animals, hula hoop competitions, ping pong matches and so on.)With the opportunity of winning prizes (prizes like I pods, I phone, school bag, gift cards, bags, ticket to six flags America laptops, and much more), it is imperative that the prizes should be of interest to different people in the audience also include some sort of auction (preferably silent auctions). In this way if people are not so lucky as to hear their raffle number called out they might be eager to purchase one or two more tickets to obtain a price.

In all this are the ways that a raffle fundraiser could be beneficial to a non-profit organization although adding raffle tickets to your non-profit event can be quite beneficial it is important to understand that the big idea behind all this is to get the community involved with things that improves it condition as well as a great opportunity for socializing among the neighbors in the community to create lasting friendships. And because it is a non-profit organization I can only hope that it is honest enough to use the profits for the event towards the betterment of the community; for example building a recreational center to help with the children and the adults (the children can have a place to occupy their time after school so as to stay out of harm’s way or anything that can destroy their future, meanwhile the adults who need a job can go there for classes like job training.), library, night watch, etc.