Your Guide to a Successful Church Raffle

It’? t?m? t? r???? fund? f?r your church or r?l?g??u? ?rg?n?z?t??n, but ??u d?n’t h?v? a lot ?f ?t?rtu? m?n?? t? g?t your campaign going. What about holding a r?ffl?? This ?l????? fundr????ng m?th?d h?? l?ng b??n popular f?r its l?w ???t? ?nd gr??t ??t?nt??l for returns. W?th ??m? ??r?ful ?l?nn?ng ?nd dedicated v?lunt??r?, ??ur ?hur?h r?ffl? fundr????r will be ?n ?v?rwh?lm?ng story ?f ?u?????.


H?w Raffles W?rk
Th? ?r?n???l? b?h?nd r?ffl?? is very simple. Pr?z?? ?r? bought ?r donated, ?nd people bu? t??k?t? for a chance t? w?n th??? ?r?z??. T??k?t? ?r? m?rk?d w?th th? bu??r’? ??nt??t ?nf?rm?t??n. At a selected ?l??? ?nd t?m?, tickets are drawn t? d?t?rm?n? the winners.

In order t? run a r?ffl?, ??u’ll n??d t? procure ?r?z??, print u? t??k?t?, ??ll th?m, ?nd have a ????? ?n wh??h t? display the ?r?z?? ?n the day of th? drawing. For ?hur?h??, ?t’? g?n?r?ll? b??t to ?bt??n prizes by w?? ?f d?n?t??n, which w?ll k??? costs d?wn ?nd increase your ?r?f?t?.

Tickets are ???? t? ?r??t? with ?ubl??h?ng ??ftw?r? ?nd ?l???rt, or ??n b? designed ?nd printed b? a local stationary company, ??rh??? at n? ?h?rg? ?r at a r?du??d r?t?. Y?ur v?lunt??r? w?ll b? d??ng the m?j?r?t? ?f th? t??k?t ??ll?ng. Finally, the ????? you u?? for display m?? be in ??ur ?hur?h’? m??t?ng h?ll, g?mn???um, or b???m?nt, ?r ??u m?? choose to ???rd?n?t? your raffle w?th a l?rg?r fundraising event, such ?? a b?rb??u? ?r ?r?ft f??r. Pl?nn?ng Y?ur R?ffl? Fundr????r In l?rg? ??rt, m?n? ?f ??ur r?ffl? planning d??????n? w?ll b? determined b? ??ur fundr????ng goal – how mu?h m?n?? w?uld ??u like to r????? H?w many volunteers d? you h?v? t? h?l? ??u m??t th?t goal? How m?n? tickets will ???h seller n??d to sell t? reach the g??l? Th??? f??t?r? w?ll ?nflu?n?? ?v?r?th?ng fr?m th? ?r?z?? you choose t? r?ffl? to your t??k?t ?r???ng.

It’? g??d t? set u? a t?m?l?n? ?f ?v?nt?, l??t?ng out wh?n ??u’d l?k? t? h?v? your prizes ???ur?d, wh?n t??k?t? w?ll b? ?r?nt?d ?nd d??tr?but?d, ?t?. Also, ??t goals for your v?lunt??r?! How m?n? tickets d? you expect each ?f th?m t? sell?

Ch????ng R?ffl? Pr?z??
A? ??u b?g?n to plan your fundr????r, think ?b?ut what ??rt ?f ?r?z?? w?ll m?k? ????l? l?k?l? to buy tickets. G?ft ??rt?f???t??, g?urm?t dinners, h?m? ?l??tr?n???, tr?v?l ???k?g??, barbecue gr?ll?…th? ?????b?l?t??? are nearly endless, ?nd w?ll b? d?t?rm?n?d m??tl? by th? ????l? ??u’d l?k? to ?tt?nd ??ur r?ffl?. Wh?t w?uld m?k? you bu? a t??k?t f?r a raffle? R?ffl?ng ?ff cars donated by a l???l d??l?r?h?? ??n b? a gr??t w?? t? g?t people ?nt?r??t?d ?n ??ur fundr????ng event.

R?m?mb?r th?t ?? th? v?lu? ?f ??ur ?r?z?? go u?, th? ?r??? ??u ??n reasonably charge for t??k?t? will r???, ?? w?ll, resulting ?n gr??t?r profits (?r, ?t th? least, fewer n??????r? ticket ??l??) for your religious group. Also, b? sure to ???ur? a f?w ?r?z?? for your top t??k?t-??ll?ng v?lunt??r?, ?? th?? w?ll ?n???r? them t? ??ll more!

R?ffl? T??k?t?
Raffle tickets ?r? generally l?rg? enough f?r contact information t? be written on them, th?ugh it’s ?l?? ?????bl? t? h?v? numb?r?d t??k?t? and ?n information ?h??t wh??h ??rr????nd? t? th? numb?r?. Pr???ng ??ur tickets will d???nd upon wh?t ?r?z?? ??u h?v? to offer, but ?r?und five d?ll?r? ?????? ?? a ?r?tt? g??d price f?r th? tickets ?f m??t r?ffl??.

When you d??tr?but? t??k?t? t? your volunteers, k??? a r???rd ?f h?w m?n? ???h ??r??n h?? b??n ?ll?tt?d. The ??ll?ng ??r??d ?h?uld run f?r ?t least a m?nth, but preferably ?t l???t tw?. At th? end, ask that your volunteers each r?turn both m?n??? collected and unsold t??k?t? a d?? or tw? b?f?r? the r?ffl?. Th?? w?ll h?l? t? d?t?rm?n? “super-sellers,” people wh? h?v? d?n? ?n outstanding job, and ?l?? t? keep ?v?r??n? honest ?b?ut th? t??k?t? th??’v? ??ld.

R?ffl? Adv?rt???ng
B? ?nd large, r?ffl?? r??u?r? v?r? l?ttl? ?dv?rt???ng ?? compared t? ?th?r fundr????ng ?v?nt?. M??t ?f ??ur ?dv?rt???ng ?? d?n? ?n a ?n?-t?-?n? b???? b? your v?lunt??r? — ?r?v?d? th?m w?th ???tur?? or br??hur?? for the ?t?m? you’ll b? r?ffl?ng off, ?nd remind th?m to m?nt??n th? ??u?? to wh??h ?r????d? w?ll g?. M?n? ????l? w?ll b? inspired b?th b? th? ?h?n?? t? w?n ?nd by th? opportunity t? b?n?f?t th??r ??mmun?t?.

W?th ??und ?l?nn?ng, great prizes, ?nd ?nthu????t?? v?lunt??r?, a r?ffl? fundr????r ??n b? ?n ?ut?t?nd?ng way for ??ur ?hur?h ?r r?l?g??u? group to r???? l?rg? funds for a ?m?ll initial cost. Wh?n paired w?th ?n?th?r f?rm ?f event fundraising, especially, a r?ffl? may b? ju?t wh?t ??ur organization n??d? t? r???? fund? for a w?rth? ??u??.

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