Why Not Hold an Art Raffle?

Getting St?rt?d – Obt??n?ng Art for ??ur Art R?ffl?

Think l???l. R???h ?ut t? local artists ?nd encourage th?m to d?n?t? a ????? ?r tw? (?r thr??!) t? your ??u??. Art??t?, ?bv??u?l? d?n’t want to work for fr??, ?? ??u may n??d t? “??r?u?d?” them w?th the ?r?m??? ?f m?r? bu??n???. Stress t? them, that th? ?u?t??n ?t??lf would b? a great marketing tool. Inv?t? th? ?rt??t to ??ur ?rt r?ffl? fundr????r t? mingle w?th ??ur gu??t? and make n?w ??nt??t?.

Pr???ng T??k?t? for your fundr????ng Raffle

Id??ll?, you ?h?uld ?nl? ??ll ?? many t??k?t? ?? d?n?t?d ??????. Th?? w?ll ?n?ur? that everyone wh? ?ur?h???? a t??k?t w?ll get a ????? of ?rt. Y?u want t? ?r??? ??ur t??k?t? h?gh enough t? r???? significant fund? but not too high th?t ??u ???r? ????l? ?ff. Pr??? your tickets ?? that ??ur ?rt r?ffl? is ?t?ll a b?rg??n.

G?tt?ng the word ?ut about ??ur Art Raffle

Fl??r? ?nd word ?r mouth are ?lw??? g??ng t? b? your fundr????ng marketing “?t??l??”. But d?n’t f?rg?t ?b?ut l???l newspapers, l???l radio broadcasts, or even l???l tv ads. Y?u’d d?n’t w?nt t? ?xh?u?t ??ur entire budg?t ?n m?rk?t?ng, but ??u d? w?nt t? g?t as mu?h exposure ?? ?????bl?, to ?ttr??t the r?ght k?nd ?f patrons for ??ur ?rt raffle fundr????r. A ??m?l? ?n? page website, can ?r?v?d? d?t??l? ?nd ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut your ?v?nt.

During the Art Auction

You ?h?uld be ?h??t?ng f?r ??m? kind ?f “bu?ld-u?” t? ??ur fundraising r?ffl?. Y?u’d w?nt to ??l??t a master of ??r?m?n??? t? play host ?nd ?nn?un??r ?t ??ur raffle. Try t? l???t? a gu??t speaker wh? h?? ?nt?r??t?ng ?t?r??? t? tell. All?w t?m? f?r ??ur ??tr?n? t? mingle ?nd socialize. Pr?v?d? f??d ?nd b?v?r?g??. M??b? a wine & cheese t??t?ng. A ???h bar w?ll bring in extra m?n?? for your ?rg?n?z?t??n.

Id??ll? th? ?rt ?u?t??n ?h?uld b?g?n w?th ?ll the ?rt ?f th? w?ll ?r ??d??t?l?. A? ???h “entry” ?? dr?wn, ??u ?h?uld allows th? winning ticket h?ld?r t? get up and ??tu?ll? ?l??m h?? ????? fr?m th? collection. As ???h w?nn?r is ??l??t?d, th?? ??n th?n ?h???? f?rm the remaining ?rt.

All?w ??m? t?m? after th? actual ?u?t??n f?r a d??r price dr?w?ng, some more socializing, and th? ????rtun?t? f?r ??ur ?rt patrons t? ?w?? th??r ?????? if they d???r?. This will ?n??ur?g? ??ur guests t? ?t?? unt?l th? end of your fundr????r.

Top Five D?’?

1. St?rt and end on t?m?.

2. Onl? sell as m?n? t??k?t? ?? pieces ?v??l?bl?.

3. Adv?rt???, ?dv?rt???, advertise, the more people wh? w?nt to ??m? t? ??ur event, th? m?r? m?n?? you w?ll m?k?.

4. F?nd an ?nt?r??t?ng guest ????k?r.

5. Th?nk everyone for their t?m? ?nd donations.

Top F?v? D?n’t?

1. Use your five ???r ?ld’? dr?w?ng?, f?nd r??l local ?rt??t?

2. Rush th? ?v?nt, allow plenty of time t? m?ngl? & ?????l?z?

3. Hold th? event ?n a sweaty g?m. Think upscale. It d???n’t have t? b? h?ld ?n ?n ?rt g?ll?r? ??r ??, but make ?t someplace that w?ll ?n??ur?g?, a “h?gh?r-?nd” ?l??nt?l?.

4. Forget about l???l n?w?????r, radio & tv ads.

5. F?rg?t to “encourage” additional fundraising efforts. H?v? a ???h b?r, ??ll 50/50’s, ?t?…

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