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Why Hold a Raffle Fundraiser? – “Impact a Life” Scholarship Essay

In this well thought out “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay, Thazin Latt offers a well thought out run down of the basics of holding a fundraising raffle and how to sell more raffle tickets. If you, or someone you know would like to participate in the 2013 “Impact a Life” college scholarship, click here. Good luck Thazin Latt.


Non-profit organizations benefit from holding fundraisers because this type of event presents their presence to the community. The prizes do not have to be extremely captivating. Basically, anything free is interesting to the general public. Possible low cost but high-impact rewards include company logo imprinted water bottles, t-shirts, and watches. Those objects are useful and, if made using recycled objects, earth-friendly (which will boost the esteem of the organization).

Raffles can be done by having the participants pay or not pay. Usually government sponsored non-profit organizations hold free raffle tickets because they get funds, which offset any losses from the event. Meanwhile, if the raffles cost 1-3 dollars, the organization will still not suffer losses as the proceeds quickly add up. Also, if the raffles cost more (such as 10 dollars), the public will not be turned off from the event so long as it is made known that the money made from the event goes toward a charity or a needed cause.

In order to maximize sales of profit tickets, the number one issue to deal with is advertisements. First, raffle events are usually best done at community events. Because numerous people are present, the view of others participating in the raffle will prompt others to do so too. Also, visually seeing the booth and the company (represented by the employees) is going to be more effective in causing the public to participate rather than handing out information on the social media or through mail. Another way to maximize sales is to present the raffles to restaurants. They are usually willing to hold the service because of the non-profit nature.

Especially captivating prizes are usually those of a high technology. This includes computers, laptops, cars, and cell phones. The optimal set up would be to ask electronic companies directly for sponsorship. Because they can record the events to reduce their taxes, they will be willing to donate. Other prizes include those beneficial to the family. Cruises, hotel nights, and restaurant gift cards are a few examples. Again, ask for sponsorships from other companies in order to increase optimal profit. If the government will fund the event, that would allow the organization to not have to ask for sponsors.

Workers can be motivated to sell tickets through prizes or through bonuses. Meeting a certain quota could grant them a certain prize, such as a gardening kit. Other methods exist. For example, a 3-day weekend, an organization-wide email notification of their progress, or a longer lunch break are simpler but still effective methods. The plain methods may even be more desirable. Something to keep in mind is to not allow the workers to participate in the raffle. If they were to win, it may look shady that the prize stayed within the organization.

Raffles are an event, which almost anyone in America has participated. They are a lottery system, which allows an equal opportunity to the participant of winning a prize. Because of the numerous other participants, the event-taker will not feel cheated as they only gave up a small amount or none of their wallet in order to compete for a prize that is worth many times what it cost to vie for it, and the company will be able to make a profit. Also, raffles allow non-profit companies to place their name into the world and possibly into the head of a future sponsor.