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Why Have a Raffle Fundraiser?

Many thanks to University of Wisconson student Mary Beth Walker for her insightful “Impact a Life” College Scholarship essay detailing the various reasons to hold a raffle fundraiser.

Thanks Mary Beth, and best of luck in your studies!

Many companies and organizations utilize raffles. From places ranging from churches and small businesses to non-profit organizations each place uses raffles in order to just give the general public something fun to do.

There are different reasons to have a raffle from fundraisers to raise money from a place that needs money to promoting the location to other people. But the main reason that businesses and non-profit organizations have these raffles is because it helps promote the organizations and what they are about. An example of this is when my church had a raffle. This not only promoted the church, but also raised money for the church. And for those that won from the prizes were rewarded with money, prizes, or a trip to another location that is either in the country or out of the country. Another reason is to make the company look good from the perspective of the people.

For companies that are notorious to have a bad reputation they have raffles to bring up the reputation and make it seen like they are not as bad as people may seem. As for customer loyalty they during these raffles they find out about the organization and possibly stick with the organization because it turns out that they like it. But in order to do this a lot of places have requirements to sign up with the organization or make an account. Or a requirement that says if you spend this amount of money or spent time with this place for more than one year. But this requirement is always the best interest of the organization.

It is rare that an organization does a raffle just for fun of the public; there must be a reason as to why the company does this in order to benefit it in some kind of way. Also stick with the organization just because they have the raffles. If held yearly customers will even stay with the company because they want a chance to win at the next held raffle. But raffles don’t also have to be used just for the promotion of the organization, but for the possible product that they are going to giveaway.

In order to promote the product more people may demo the product. If they like the product enough they get a raffle ticket because they want to have a chance to win it without buying it at full price. Whenever this happens a lot of people participate in this because the product may be too expensive to buy, or it is the very last few that they organization may have in stock. So just for the chance to win it people would go for it. A chance is better than no chance at all in the eyes of someone who wants something badly. From a marketing standpoint a raffle is a smart decision. It benefit is the image of the bank, brings in more people who can possibly be loyal to the place Those are the main reasons as to why organizations use raffles, in order to bring in more loyal members, and help the image of the place.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor: Mary Beth Walker

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