Utilizing Raffles For Successful Business

Genia Stanescki a Communications and Media Studies student at Fordham University, New York. Genia offers a wеаlth of tірѕ for utilizing a raffle to promote business in her  “Imрасt a Lіfе” соllеgе ѕсhоlаrѕhір еѕѕау.

Follow along аѕ Genia offers up ѕоmе grеаt ideas for organizing and promoting a business raffle.


In an age of increased communication between parties and people across the globe because of smartphones and social media, news spreads quickly about the quality of businesses. One customer can have a horrendous experience, publish it on Facebook, and the retail location could lose potential clients.

Business’s, whether retail or service based, need to find an avenue or way to attract local and national appeal to encourage ongoing business and production of product of utilization of service work. In today’s age, business, both small and large, can manipulate social media to attract customers to their location; whether it is using ads on Facebook or offering coupons on Groupon. But, this can often seem impersonal and distant.

What a company first needs to be successful is support from the local community; locals going to that business first before they outsource. Needing this attraction, and with the possibility of businesses being scrutinized on social media for the world to see, sometimes it’s worth it to go back to simple practices. Practices with are limited to the business’s locals. Practices with would bring them to the place of ownership and engage them in the business’s products and/or services. Such a practice could be raffles. Especially for small businesses, having a raffle could be a great opportunity to bring in already frequent customers, those who always pass but never stop in, those that prefer to go somewhere else, and those that did not even know the store existed!

Raffles are a fun and interactive way to engage the local community. Publicizing that the company is having an in-house raffle will bring people to the location and it will feel more personal. The one-on-one interaction between sales associates, managers, customer service representatives and buyers will give them the impression that this is a company for the people by the people. Raffles are also a cheap way of enticing customers.

The raffle tickets themselves cost very little when bought in bulk and there is a potential for good earnings through it that will pay off the investment of the raffle tickets. Besides the potential earnings you will receive from the raffle, it is important to note how much you will charge per ticket. If the price is too cheap people might see it as just another event and skip it. If the price the business asks for is to high, it might turn people away.

On this topic, it is very important for the business to know the income average and general population statistics of their potential customers. This will help in deciding what to charge per ticket and what to give away. What you give away in the raffle is equally important as how much you charge per ticket. An object that is too cheap will turn people away (they might think that it can be bought in a regular store). An object too pricy will entice people until they see the amount of the ticket. Same for service related prizes. It has to be cheap enough for people to buy a ticket and complicated enough of a service that the regular homebody could not do it themselves.

When a business finds this sweet spot in between cost, product, service, and public, they could potentially attract customers and attain customer loyalty and retention. This will be done not only by the enticement of the raffle, but of the quality of product and/or service, and the quality of customer care and service.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor: Genia Stanescki

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