To Raffle Or Not To Raffle

If ??ur organization is l??k?ng f?r a simple way t? m?x?m?z? th? ??l? of raffle tickets, ??? h??d t? “Impact a L?f?” ??h?l?r?h?? ???????t McKensie Sheppard.

McKensie ?ff?r? ??m? h?l?ful t??? ?n m?x?m?z?ng r?ffl? ticket sales for a more ?r?f?t?bl? fundr????r.

McKensie plans on attending John Brown University to study computer engineering. N??? w?rk McKensie, ?nd g??d lu?k!

To r??d McKensie Sheppard’s ??h?l?r?h?? ?????, g? h?r? >>> To Raffle Or Not To Raffle

Y?u ??n h?l? McKensie Sheppard’s ?ur?u?t ?f a scholarship ?w?rd by ?l??k?ng the “?h?r?ng ?? ??r?ng” butt?n? below.


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