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With Thought and Planning Raffles Are A Great Way To Raise Money

Non-profit organizations do so much for their communities. Whether an organization volunteers or entertains, their purpose is to bring joy to others. A great way to raise money for these organizations is to hold fundraisers. Fundraisers aren’t always simple to put on and it takes a lot of volunteers who are willing to put in work for a good cause.
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Some people pose the question of: What goes into a fundraiser? Well first of all, it’s necessary to get good quality items other people will want to play for. Volunteers should go from store to store asking if they’d be willing to donate anything. Many stores will generously throw in some items that are worth a lot, and others aren’t as gifting. Once you get items, you can start planning the raffle.

Advertisement is very important. Raffle fundraisers should be brought to the public’s attention so they have a chance to check out the items and maybe bring more people along with them. Advertising is so much easier now than it ever was. With all of the ways people connect (i.e. twitter, facebook, instagram) the possibilities are endless. Even a few simple texts or phone calls to friends and relatives could help spread the word. Another suggestion for that would be to create graphics that can be published regarding the organization and the raffle associated with it. Many restaurants or stores would most likely be willing to post it up for their costumers to see.

Raffles can be tricky because if your items aren’t anything distinct, no one will want them. It’s imperative that the items provided are not ordinary items that people would want to buy on their own. It’s also important to price your raffle tickets accordingly. Not all raffle tickets should be the same price. Ticket prices should depend purely on the item’s worth. For example, if iPads or iPhones were being raffled, the ticket price for those items should be seven to ten dollars. If a one hundred dollar Wal-Mart gift card was being raffled, that ticket price should be more around two to five dollars. Remember that more items equal more money!

Getting volunteers to assist the raffle is more difficult than it seems. Although they’re volunteers, they may be in it for more than a few smiles. When it comes down to getting people to volunteer for big events like this, it’s necessary to have additional gifts in mind. Depending on the volunteer hours and the amount of volunteers that are working, you should grant them something for their hard work. Whether it’s a twenty-dollar gift card to a nice fast food restaurant or a box of homemade treats. Anything that shows appreciation is acceptable in this case. Always keep in mind that volunteers could potentially have “something better to do” but chose to participate in the organizations event.

Raffles are a great way to raise money but takes some thought and planning. With all of the previous examples and suggestions discussed above, raffles are bound to be a success.