This Unique Raffle Maximizes Sales

A r?ffl? ?? a great way to r???? fund? for a g??d ??u??. They r??u?r? l??? manpower th?n other fundr????ng m?th?d?, h?v? a high ??t?nt??l f?r returns, ?nd ??n b? done ?t relatively low ???t, ???????ll? ?f ??u get a ???n??r or d?n?t??n.


A non-profit can b?n?f?t ?v?n furth?r b? u??ng ?m?l???ng a Chinese ?u?t??n, a v?r??nt of th? tr?d?t??n?l r?ffl?. W?th m?n? ?m?ll g?v??w??? ?n?t??d of ?n? l?rg? prize, ?t ?n??ur?g?? more ticket sales ?nd provides th? opportunity for m?r? ???n??r? t? give th??r support. W?th ??m? und?r?t?nd?ng ?f hum?n nature, ??u ??n motivate ticket sales ?v?n furth?r. I m???lf ?m ?v?r??v? to g?mbl?ng, ?? ?f these m?th?d? ??n entice m? t? bu? t??k?t?, th?? can ?ttr??t ?n??n? to ??rt?????t?.

If you’ve b??n t? th? n?rth???t, ??u m?? h?v? t?k?n ??rt ?n a Chinese ?u?t??n. It ???r?t?? like a ??l?nt auction, wh?r? mult??l? prizes ??t ?ut, each w?th th??r own hat. Unl?k? a ??l?nt ?u?t??n, ??rt?????nt? bu? a bundle ?f tickets, ?nd b?d by ???t?ng th??r t??k?t?. S???k?ng from f?r?th?nd experience of hosting th???, they tend t? ????t?l?z? ?n a normal r?ffl?’? b??t ?????t?. A raffle’s ?b?l?t? to g?n?r?t? r?v?nu? h?ng?? on the willingness ?f mult??l? ????l? to ?nt?r. With a ?h?n?? ?f just one ?ut of m?n? tickets to b? dr?wn, ??rt?????nt? w?ll b? motivated t? ?n?r???? th?t ?h?n?? by bu??ng ?? m?n? tickets ?? they ??n. In a Chinese ?u?t??n, th? multiple ?r?z?? w?ll ?n??ur?g? ??rt?????nt? bu? ?v?n m?r?. The prizes m?? be m?r? suited t? ??m??n?’? personal preference, ?nd th?? may w?nt ?t ?n?ugh they’ll ???nd more on t??k?t? towards it than t?w?rd? ?n? b?g ?t?m. Th?? m?? ?l?? f??l th?? h?v? less ??m??t?t??n f?r a ??ngl? item, and put m?r? towards ?t. If num?r?u? ?r?z?? catch ??m??n?’? ???, th?? m?? g? back f?r t??k?t? ?? that they ?r?n’t t?? ??r??d out between mult??l? h?t?. Unl?k? silent ?u?t??n?, ??u r????v? ??l?? fr?m ?v?r??n? not just th? w?nn?r, ?? it ?? ?m??r?t?v? ??u get ?? m?n? ??rt?????nt? ?? ?????bl?. T? reach a w?d?r ?ud??n??, ??u m?? consider h?ld?ng ??ur r?ffl? along w?th another ?v?nt, ?u?h ?? a b?n?f?t d?nn?r. An??n? ?t th? ?v?nt wh? m?? n?t have considered ??rt?????t?ng m?ght b? ?nflu?n??d t? ?t th? l??t m?nut?. Finally, ??u could take a ??g? fr?m ????n?? ?nd ??t up ??ur venue t? ?ubtl? influence ????l? to spend m?r?. Th?? use ?nv?r?nm?nt?l f??t?r? t? th??r ?dv?nt?g?; studies of casinos found “????l? w?ll g?mbl? ?nd ?t?k? m?n?? m?r? und?r r?d light”; pleasant ?r?m?? attract people t? slot m??h?n??; m?k?ng th? l???ut mazelike m?k?? people w?lk thr?ugh the ?nt?r? ?r?? and ?n?r????? ?l??. Wh?l? you may n?t g? so f?r, you ??n ???l? some ?f th??? principles. L???ut your prizes ?? th?t ??rt?????nt? br?w?? thr?ugh ?ll of them; m?k? ?ur? t? dr?w ?? mu?h attention t? ?r?z?? ?? ??u can; wh?l? ????n?? g?v? ??n?t?nt reminders to have fun and k??? playing, you ?h?uld h?v? ??n?t?nt reminders ?f th? cause ??u’r? ?u???rt?ng.

In?t??d ?f h?v?ng t? ask ???n??r? f?r a larger donation, Ch?n??? ?u?t??n? allow ??u t? ?r??ur? ?m?ll, inexpensive ?r?z??. It m?ght t?k? a few m?r? ?h?n? ??ll? t? g?t many ???n??r?h??? fr?m v?r??u? ??m??n???, but ?t saves the tr?ubl? ?f f?nd?ng one who w?ll give a l?rg? sponsorship. Bu??n??? ?r? m?r? likely to g?v? a ?m?ll g?ft ??rd ?r b??k?t, f?r example, th?n a n?w ??r. Ev?n ?f you h?v? t? ?u??l?m?nt some ?r?z?? out-of-pocket, ??u will ?n?ur mu?h lower ???t?. You could ?l?? g?t d?n?t??n? from ?nd?v?du?l m?mb?r? ?f the community. You could t?k? unw?nt?d ?nt??u??, collectibles, and furniture in g??d ??nd?t??n, ?r ?v?n u?? h?m?-b?k?d goods as a ?r?z?. Y?ur ??t??n? are mu?h wider w?th a Chinese ?u?t??n. Th? additional ???n??r? w?ll also bring extra exposure t? ??ur cause. Y?u ??uld bu?ld a r????rt fr?m th? raffle, ?nd ?tt??n th??r ?u???rt f?r futur? ?v?nt?.

An ?ff??t?v? w?? t? m?t?v?t? v?lunt??r? t? ??ll t??k?t? ?? ??m?l? t? r?m?nd them th? ?ur???? of th? ?v?nt. F?nd people ?n th? community who ?r? ??????n?t? ?b?ut your ??u??. Sh?w th?m wh?t th? money ?? going t?w?rd? (th??, of ??ur??, also applies t? buying t??k?t?). An?th?r g??d w?? t? ?n?r???? m?t?v?t??n ?f ??ll?r? ?nd bu??r? ?? t? h??? ??ur ?v?nt u?. Advertise ?t least a m?nth b?f?r?, through every m?d?um you ??n. An ?n?x??n??v? way t? d? th?? ?? t? t?k? to ?????l m?d??. Get volunteers to ????k excitedly ?b?ut th? event t? th??r fr??nd?. A???rd?ng t? ????h?l?g?, ?f they act ?x??t?d, th?? w?ll b???m? ?x??t?d, ?nd b?l??v? more f?rv?ntl? in ?u???rt?ng th? cause. T? make th?m w?nt to ??ll m?r?, you ??uld h?v? a f?w h?t? reserved f?r v?lunt??r?, ?nd ?w?rd th?m t??k?t? based on the ?m?unt th?? ??ld. F?r ?x?m?l?, th?? w?uld get a ticket f?r ???h 10 they ??ll. Ov?r?ll, make ?t fun. Play mu???. S?t a g??l and dr?w ??ur ?r?gr??? ?n a r?d??ul?u?l? ?v?r??z?d meter. M?k? ??ur r?ffl? a party. F?r ?n???r?t??n, l??k to the volunteers who dressed as ?u??rh?r??? ?nd d?n??d to draw ?r?wd?. If ??u m?k? it fun, not ?nl? will ????l? g?v? m?r? ?t this ?v?nt, th?? will remember your ?rg?n?z?t??n ?nd l??k f?rw?rd t? futur? fundraisers.

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