Super Fun Fundraisers For Your Office

Why not hold a fundraiser it your place of business to help support your favorite charity or non-profit? The ?v?r?g? Am?r???n w?rk?r ???nd? 2,000 h?ur? per year ?t th? ?ff???. This makes the ?ff??? ?n ideal ?l??? t? raise m?n?? f?r a favorite ?h?r?t?, wh?l? also f???l?t?t?ng t??m bu?ld?ng and ?nh?n??ng th? ??m??n?? image. F?ll?w?ng ?r? 10 ?ng?g?ng office fundraising ?d??? th? ?nt?r? ??m??n? can enjoy.


Day ?ff r?ffl?. Wh? d???nt w?nt an ?xtr? day off? M?k? it with pay, ?nd th? employees will be l?n?d u? to bu? tickets. The lu?k? winner r????v?? an ?xtr? vacation d?? t? be u??d ??m?t?m? over the n?xt ??x months. All ?r????d? g? to th? non-profit charity ?f your choice. An ?nt?r??t?ng ???n ?n th?? ?d?? involves generating a l?ttl? department v?. d???rtm?nt ??m??t?t??n. Use ?n online fundraising ?l?tf?rm l?k? G?FundM? ?nd have ???h d???rtm?nt create a GoFundMe d?n?t??n page. Aft?r two w??k?, th? department w?th ??th?r the gr??t??t donation total ?r th? greatest ?v?r?g? d?n?t??n wins a d?? off!

Gift basket silent ?u?t??n. E??h d???rtm?nt is given a th?m? ?nd charged with ?r??t?ng a g?ft b??k?t. It?m? can be ?ur?h???d b? th? ?m?l????? in th? d???rtm?nt and/or find l???l v?nd?r? t? d?n?t? goods ?nd ??rv????. T? add a little competition t? th?? office fundr????ng idea, h?v? a judg?ng ??n?l ??l??t th? b??t b??k?t ?nd ?ff?r a ?r?z? t? th? winning d???rtm?nt.

Dress a m?mb?r of the m?n?g?m?nt l?k? a ?l?wn. Em?l????? ??n ?ur?h??? ballots t? v?t? f?r wh??h member ?f th? management theyd like t? see dr????d as a ?l?wn for th? d??. The more ballots ???t f?r th? m?n?g?r, the m?r? m?n?? r????d, and th? more l?k?l? h? ?r she w?ll b? th? ?l?wn! Similar to our f?r?t office fundr????ng ?d?? ?n th?? list, ??u ??n ????? th?? ?d?? u? ?v?n more by ??th?r h?v?ng th? d???rtm?nt th?t r????? th? most m?n?? using ?n ?nl?n? fundr????ng platform b? ?bl? to elect wh? outside ?f their d???rtm?nt h?? to dr??? l?k? a ?l?wn or b? h?v?ng th? head ?f the department that r????? the most money have t? dr??? like a ?l?wn (think h?w funn? ?nd motivating it could be ?f ??ur department h??d h?d t? dress l?k? a ?l?wn f?r a d??).

R????l?ng. This ?? ?n? ?f the ??????t ?nd m??t ecologically-friendly fundr????r?. Pl??? r????l?ng r????t??l?? ?n mult??l? areas around the ?ff???, such as th? break r??m, ??nf?r?n?? r??m?, ?nd ?n ?ub??l? common areas. Turn those empty ??n? into money ??ur ?h?r?t? ??n use!

Bake ??l?. Em?l????? br?ng ?n th??r f?v?r?t? baked g??d?, ???k?g?d for th??r ??-w?rk?r? to bu? ?nd ??th?r snack ?n during th? d?? or take home and ?nj??.
Ch?l? ???k-?ff ??nt??t. This ?? a tw?-??rt ?ff??? fundr????ng idea. F?r?t, ?m?l????? pay a ?m?ll fee t? ?nt?r the cook-off contest, and a ?h?n?? t? w?n a prize. S???nd, ?m?l????? ??n bu? a b?wl ?f ?h?l? f?r lun?h, after th? judg?ng ?? ?v?r.

Bu?-??ur-b??? raffle. Em?l????? purchase r?ffl? t??k?t? ?nd ?nt?r t? have one of th? ??m??n?? executives perform their j?b dut??? f?r the ?ft?rn??n, wh?l? th?? ??t back ?nd r?l?x.
Off??? m????g??. C?nt??t a l???l m????g? th?r????t ?nd ??k if they w?uld d?n?t? their time, ??th?r f?r free ?r a d????unt?d r?t?, to ?r?v?d? m????g?? to ?m?l????? at the ?ff???. Employees ?ur?h??? th? in-office m????g?? ?nd th? ?r?f?t? go to the ??l??t?d ?h?r?t?.

Off??? b?rb??u?. A gr?ll, h?mburg?r?, h?t d?g?, bun? ?nd individual b?g? of ?h??? are ?ll th?t ?r? needed for this lun?ht?m? ?d??. Pr?-??ll t??k?t?, so ??ull kn?w exactly h?w many hamburgers ?nd h?t dogs to buy.

Golf t?urn?m?nt. All th??? ?nt?r?ng th? tournament g?t the ?ft?rn??n ?ff to h?t the greens f?r a g??d ??u??! H?v? ?m?l????? invite family and fr??nd? to r???? ?v?n more m?n??. Award prizes for th? t?? team, l?ng??t dr?v?, and b??t ?nd w?r?t ???r??.

There’s some great ideas for raising money to help support a charity you support. Let’s hear some of your ideas!

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