Sell Raffle Tickets the Quick Fire Way

We all know that holding a raffle is a fantastic way for non-profit organizations and other groups to raise needed funds.

If your organization would like to have the ability to raise money with as little effort as possible, consider organizing a “Quick-Fire” 50-50 Raffle.

Start by defining how much money you would like to raise for your cause. Do you think the goal is attainable with the amount of time you have available to sell the raffle tickets?

When determining the time allotment of your campaign, determine how many volunteers would be actively promoting and selling raffle tickets.

Now, here’s what a “Qucik-Fire” 50-50 Raffle is all about:

Sell raffle tickets for a $1, or any denomination you think would sell.

When you have decided on this, order your custom printed raffle tickets.

You take 50% of the proceeds; the winner takes 50%. It’s as simple as that!

Your volunteers can sell tickets at work, door-to-door, at PTA meetings, or any event where there is an audience. Offer incentives for a multiple ticket purchase, e.g. four tickets for $5.

Can you think of a quicker, simpler, yet potentially more profitable way to raise funds for your good cause?

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