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Sell Raffle Tickets for Youth Sports – “Impact a Life” Scholarship Essay

Many thanks to Chris Collins for his college scholarship essay which describes using a raffle fundraiser for youth sports. There are some good ideas on how to organize such a fundraiser and how to sell more raffle tickets.

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Hello, my name is Chris Collins and I can describe a great way for a non-profit organization to get the best derive benefit through a raffle fundraiser. It all starts with my little sister. She eats, breath, and sleeps cheerleading. She is a part of a youth sports organization. She would be cheering for a county park.

Her cheerleading season would contain of cheering for the county park recreation football games following a series of competition cheerleading. Uniforms, practice times, equipment, transportation, and any other items/events that has to be paid for is a hassling cost that not everyone can afford so why not raise funds to help benefit everyone gracefully. A raffle fundraiser can help because the raffles that we will supply to the buyer will be their entrance into a drawing to receive prizes.

The prizes can vary from hundred dollar gas cards, a 32-inch flat screen TV, or even a significant discount to a local eatery. The prizes alone on the raffle tickets will receive interest from the buyer.
Continuing with the cheerleaders and their families working diligently to get as many raffle tickets sold team members can help educate one another to get maximum ticket sells. Acknowledging great places of possible income such as taking the raffle tickets to work, asking extended family members, teachers and staff, neighbors and friends can more than likely get a great percentage of the raffle tickets sold. It is those who work harder or have connections that can get a surplus in the fundraising.

Now when the cheerleaders do finally receive the raffle tickets they will be given to them in a bundle of fifty. Each cheerleader will receive three bundles and each ticket cost two dollars. In total estimate the cheerleaders should bring three hundred dollar of funds raised money after a month’s period. This will create a lesser amount of money that the cheerleader’s parent/guardian would have had to pay without any fundraising.

The raffle tickets could even be taken a step further through a connection to a local fast food restaurant. My mother knows a man who is the owner of several Churches Chicken restaurants in our area. The owner and the park could come to an agreement that after every game a Churches Chicken advertisement has to be played in return every time a family meal is purchased two dollars will be donated symbolizing the owner buying a numerous amount of raffle tickets. This would be a great way to earn extra money for the program. This will allow the program to grow and really have the money to help develop the cheerleaders to their maximum potential. This would also bring an ongoing partnership and continue a flow of money that will help in making sure the cheerleaders have the best experiences.

I hope money never complicates any child from pursuing a dream. But allowing that one partnership will create more opportunities for more partnerships and this will allow more money to help a non-profit organization.