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Raising Funds for Athletics With a Raffle

Thanks and gratitude to Keegan Woods for a well thought out and informative “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay that highlights why holding a raffle is a great way to raise money for the benefit of your community.

Keegan dishes out some wonderful and personal reasons as to why holding a raffle is a great fundraising opportunity.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Keegan Woods
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Fundraising is something that I know too much about. In addition to being an athlete at a public high school for the last four years, my father is also a coach and athletic director at the same high school, so in my time, I have seen many fundraisers.

My father believes that the best fundraisers are raffles. His philosophy is that a successful fundraiser needs to have low cost to the program and appeal to the most people. His most successful fundraisers have come from raffles where he has been able to get an item donated for free by a partner of the school or a local business. This means that his only cost is the actual tickets for the raffle. He has raffled off everything from a mini-bike to tablets to televisions to gift cards to fifty dollars in free gasoline.

His next step in conducting a successful raffle is to have ticket sales in visible places. He has had athletes selling tickets in front of grocery stores and restaurants where there is high traffic. He has had parents selling tickets at school sporting events right by the ticket gate. He advertises ticket sales through the school’s website, on local radio and television, and even has an email blast to contact parents of all students at the school. He also believes ticket prices should be comparable for the item, and that they should only be priced at certain points such as one dollar, five dollars, or maybe ten dollars. Most people have one of those bills on them at all times and would be willing to one or multiple tickets at that range.

A colleague of his once tried a reverse raffle with a large cash prize, but he charged seventy-five dollars for the tickets. For our area, that price was too high for the local population and the profit amount was too low because of the large cash payout. My dad often says that you have to know who makes up your clientele. His last step for a successful raffle is motivation. He has given a free t-shirt for selling ten tickets or a sweatshirt for selling 20 tickets, or a grand prize drawing, such as a gift card, for anyone selling more than fifty tickets.

His most successful fundraiser came when he was the head wrestling coach. He had a mini-bike donated by a local small engine shop. His wrestlers sold tickets in front of the local grocery store for five hours on a Saturday and made over a thousand dollars. He had wrestlers and managers selling tickets at the two biggest basketball games of the year and made over $1500 dollars. After totaling everything up, that team raised over three thousand dollars on that fundraisers in the span of two short weeks before Christmas. His total cost to the program was two rolls of raffle tickets that cost about sixteen dollars. This is why he believes (and has convinced me) that raffles are the best fundraisers for schools.

My dad also believes that what the fundraiser brings to the students is just as important. Our school has had successful raffles because the results of those are visible to everyone around the program. Football players wear new uniforms. Players on other teams are wearing t-shirts and hoodies for meeting minimum ticket requirements. Fans can see the new soccer goals or hear the new public address system at the softball field. During his wrestling team’s mini-bike fundraiser, my dad was able to use the profits to order two sets new singlets in differing colors for the wrestling team and replace older warm-ups with new ones. He was able to order a team set of new, matching headgear for each team member, and new flip scores for the scorer’s tables. These are things that people see, and these people knew that the fundraising was beneficial to the program and their kids. When a raffle is successful and people in the community can see the results on display, they are more likely to participate in a raffle whether they think they might win or not because it is for a great cause.