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Raffles Are a Great Way to Spread Word About Your Organization

If уоu would lÑ–kе ѕоmе great Ñ–dеаѕ and tірѕ on hоw to hоld a rаfflе fundrаіѕеr fоr your nоn-Ñ€rоfÑ–t organization, lооk no further thаn Haley Johnson’s fine “Imрасt a LÑ–fе” scholarship еѕѕау соntrÑ–butіоn.

Haley is currently studying Business Management at California State University, Fresno.  Kudos to Haley, аnd bеѕt оf luck!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Haley Johnson
Yоu саn hеlÑ€ Haley Johnson’s  pursuit оf a scholarship award bу сlісkÑ–ng the “sharing Ñ–Ñ• саrÑ–ng” buttоnÑ• bеlоw.



There are many non-profit organizations that rely on fundraising to keep the organization running. One of the best forms of fundraising is selling raffle tickets and hosting a raffle. Having raffles are great ways to spread word about the organization and get people interested in becoming involved.

When preparing a raffle for a non-profit organization, donations can be collected from other members in the organization or community and use those donations to invest in raffle prizes. The prizes for the raffle should be something that would attract interest. Purchasing one grand prize, like a new television, would help get attention, but having a few smaller raffle prizes, such as gift cards and gift baskets, is another way to attract ticket sales, since it allows more than one person to win a prize. Organizations that are able to receive generous donations may be able to raffle of much grander prizes, such as a car or vacation.

One way to maximize the sales of raffle tickets is to make sure that people are aware of the organization and the raffle. This could be done many ways, such as advertising with flyers, newspapers ads, and radio or television commercials. One of the best ways to advertise the raffle is through social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. This allows people to see the prizes, learn about the organization and share it with all of their friends and followers.

Along with advertising the prizes of the raffle, this gives the organization the chance to reach out and gain more support. The organization should also motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets for the raffle. This could be done by allowing each volunteer to earn a raffle ticket for every ten or twenty raffle tickets that they sell.

Another way to motivate volunteers is to have a quota that they are encouraged to reach and if it is reached or exceeded, they can earn prizes. This not only helps with ticket sales, but it also gives the volunteers something to be excited about. The final raffle “reveal” can also be one in many different ways. Many business opt in the convenient way of announcing the winner on social media or by calling the winner, but having an event to announce the winners is a great way to get people to come out and learn about the organization.

One way to maximize the potential benefit of holding a raffle is to host an entire event that is centered around announcing the winning raffle tickets. This way people are encourage to come to the organization, with family and friends where they can walk around booths that have different fun activities that relate to the organization, places to sign up to volunteers, and also a way to sell last minute raffle tickets. Having an event for the raffle also gives the organization the chance to advertise for upcoming events by posting videos or photos of the winners or activities that were put on at the event.

Putting on a raffle is a great way to help promote an organization, gain more volunteers, and give back to those who are involved, and since there are so many ways to make raffles different, it keeps it fun and exciting for any organization.