Raffles Are a Great Way For Businesses to Promote Their Products and Services

If your businesses is in need of a marketing tactic to add to your arsenal, have a look at “Impact a Life” college scholarship contributor Darrell Dorman for some terrific insights.

Darrell is an accounting major at Brigham Young University. Thanks Darrell for your contribution, and best of luck!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Darrell Dorman
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Raffles are a great way for businesses and companies to promote their products and services and to gain the trust of the consumers.  For raffles to be effective in customer loyalty/retention it would be ideal for a business to hold raffles often to spark interest for potential clients to encourage them to participate and give them the vision that they can potentially win a raffle contest.

This would increase demand and sales of a business but the business would have to deliver superior products or services to retain their existing customers.  Your business can spread to other potential customers if existing customers share their positive experience to them.

Another method for retaining customers is to set up a system in which customers can receive multiple tickets, whether it be measured by the number of goods they purchased or number of visits, to make them have an advantage in the raffle.  This would encourage customers to purchase more which would increase your sales and demand.  This would also reward your loyal customers and continue to convince them that your business is better.

These are the most beneficial ways for a business to increase value within the company, draw potential customers and to maximize customer retention and loyalty.

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