Raffle Tickets Are an Untapped Resource for Businesses to Utilize for Marketing

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“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Paige Park
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Not just for charities, or non-profit organizations; raffle tickets are a widely untapped resource for businesses to utilize for marketing. Raffle tickets are a wonderful way to bring people back into a store or business, offering excitement that competitors cannot compete with, and with word getting out new customers will also want to join in on the fun.

Holding on tightly, memorizing the numbers, and waiting with anticipation: some of the many exhilarating experiences of having raffle tickets. The experience of a raffle is so exciting it is like a religious experience. The memorization of numbers that begins to have a special place in one’s heart, praying to a higher power in hopes that something might just go their way. Then with winning comes the joy and praises that are shouted and celebrated. Why would anyone not want to be a part of a raffle? A business or corporation having a raffle offers something exciting to anyone’s otherwise mundane day. It can be what changes someone’s bad day, and offer them a more positive perspective of their day. Having the chance to win something big is exhilarating! It is like finding a lucky penny, except the winning is bigger and better.

This excitement naturally will be talked about, as humans make it a habit to discuss any excitement in their lives. The discussion of a raffle will be the marketing a business is looking for. The customers who discuss the raffle will be the marketing for new customers. After hearing how someone got into a raffle, then hearing how they won, will peak most peoples’ interest. Humans are naturally curious and with that they are very likely to give in and find out more about the raffle. This may bring traffic to a company weather to a store, or online. Now more people are viewing a company or business and are seeing what they are offering. This is the goal of marketing: getting people to see a company’s product. The talk of the raffle is enough to get people where a company wants them to be.

Claiming the prize is what any raffle ticket holder is dreaming of, but only the winners have the honor to do. The claim is what brings people back. Maybe they only entered a raffle because it was free. Maybe they had no interest in what a company or business had to offer but since it was a free raffle they went ahead and entered anyways. Winning is a company’s opportunity to show someone that what they have to offer is worthwhile. Offering a free class, might inspire someone join the gym as a full time member. Winning a product might show someone that they were missing out on a product before, and now with it in their life they could not see their life without it. Just bringing the winner into a store space can make them see something that they just have to buy. Regardless, winners will have a second opportunity to visit the website, or walk into the store. If they were not sold before on what the company had to offer they might be now.

Raffle tickets are a marketing strategy that has the opportunity to involve the customer, and seamlessly bring in new customers as well.

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