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Raffle Tickets Help to Promote Your Business

Here’s another really interesting take on using raffle tickets to help promote your business. Thank you and kudos to “Impact a Life” college scholarship essayist Kristina Ohnstad for her unique look at this subject.

I work for a small chocolate company. Lately we have been not doing very well with sales. The sales and marketing team has decided they would do a raffle through our website and so far it has been helping.

raffle ticket - Raffle Tickets Help to Promote Your Business

People see the opportunity to win something so they are more willing to participate. So far our number of people on the site has almost doubled just by using a raffle with the chance of winning chocolate. Being a small company we really need the option to be able to throw raffles so we can catch people’s attention. We are hoping if we offer monthly raffles we can keep our loyal customers coming back.

Raffles will cost our company a little money but in the long run spending a little money to get more loyal customers is the way to build our company and grow to be a bigger company. We only sell in the us but I hope with the efforts our sales and marketing team, that we will be able to grow our business to start selling out of the US.

I already get phone calls asking why we do not sell out of the US, and the truth is we are not big enough yet to-do this. Once there is a greater need we will be able to sell everywhere! I This can help more companies not just the one I work for. This can help other companies by getting their name to a wider audience.

People want to participate in raffles; they are given the chance to win things. When a person wins something they feel special, even if it is something very small. I have never personally won something but I know that when I see raffles I am definitely more willing to participate. Raffles cause incentive and people are more likely to tell their friends: “Hey, did you see Chocolate Delight is hosting a raffle?! You should go get a ticket you could win some chocolate!”

Small companies really struggle when it comes to getting their product to a wider audience, social media has helped with that but raffles also give that small company a chance to grow and keep their customer happy. A customer would see the raffle option and want to return to that company again and again. Also it gives the customer a little reminder that the company is still there and still selling a great product. If you have ever heard the saying “Out of sight out of mind” this is what I am talking about, you forget about things you don’t see on a daily basis, but raffles will give you that reminder to go back to the company.

Running a successful business isn’t just about getting new customers, it is also about keeping the customer and making sure they come back again and again.

Raffles are a wonderful idea and they will ensure a company gets those loyal customers who will keep the company profiting for many years to come.