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Raffle Tickets Can Be Used For Multiple Fundraising Efforts

Gwendolyn Opiela оffеrѕ a wеаlth of tірѕ fоr hоldіng a bеttеr rаfflе in this “Imрасt a Lіfе” соllеgе ѕсhоlаrѕhір essay.

Fоllоw along аѕ Gwendolyn offers up some grеаt ideas fоr organizing, рrоmоtіng, аnd mаxіmіzіng уоur organization’s next rаfflе fundrаіѕеr. Gwendolyn is studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor: Gwendolyn Opiela

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Raffle tickets can be used for multiple fundraising efforts—especially those concerning non-profit organizations such as church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations, and even charities—whose benefits can be best derived by providing certain proposals that would, in turn, maximize the sale of their raffle tickets, offer prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales, and offer incentives that motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets.

In addressing how to first maximize the sales of raffle tickets, one proposal is to have the grand prize of the raffle donated to the contest. In some cases, this proposal might not be possible or applicable, but by having a company or an individual to sponsor the raffle contest and donate the grand prize, this would allow for a higher amount of the revenue received to count as profit towards the fundraiser. For instance, my local church holds a raffle contest every year where the sponsor donates a new car to raffle off as the grand prize. Furthermore, people are more likely to buy more raffle tickets if there is a higher chance of them winning something, so another method to optimize the sales of raffle tickets is to offer an assortment of prizes other than the grand prize. By offering more than one prize, although only one person will win the grand prize, it still provides a large enough incentive for individuals to want to buy more raffle tickets since they might win one of the smaller prizes. The third proposal to optimize sales and another incentive is to offer a discount for buying a bundle of raffle tickets. For instance, the raffle tickets could be sold for $1 per ticket individually, but could be sold as a bundle as $4 for 5 tickets. Thus, allowing for a statistically higher chance to win a prize while also encouraging the sale of more raffle tickets.

In order to encourage and stimulate ticket sales, prizes that are offered for the grand prize of the contest could be a new car or an all-expenses paid vacation to an exotic destination. The prospect of having these items as a grand prize creates the “wow factor” that will initially draw people to the raffle contest and the desire to participate. However, some prizes of smaller proportion should also be offered to provide more incentive to buy more raffle tickets since the motivation to buy tickets just for the grand prize might not be strong enough. Some examples are a spa weekend, plane tickets, or season sport event passes. Even offering small cash prizes, electronics like a TV, computer or iPod, or gift cards to certain stores and restaurants are excellent ideas to engage people in wanting to participate in the raffle contest. As a result, setting up the raffle contest in this manner allows for a fair fundraiser that not only will provide an assortment of prizes for those that win in the raffle, but it will make the raffle more fun while still raising the necessary funds for this non-profit organization.

Lastly, some incentives that can be given to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets would be to provide a reward for the top three sellers of raffle tickets by offering a cash prize and providing them with a certificate of appreciation for all of their efforts. Furthermore, another incentive is to provide specific checkpoints for selling a certain number of tickets. When the volunteers reach these allocated checkpoints, they will receive a free ticket, and an additional ticket at each checkpoint, that will be added to the raffle and increase their own chances of winning. One more important thing to note, is that some organizations could ask the volunteers to buy the tickets they are unable to sell, this may sell more tickets, but it also may discourage volunteers to ask for more tickets to sell if they think they will be unable to sell them all.

Since many non-profit organizations have found holding raffle contests as fundraisers to be quite beneficial to their fundraising efforts, it is important to point out the many aspects in which these organizations can carry out their raffle fundraiser so as to maximize not only their ticket sales but also the enjoyment of the volunteers and participants so that the fundraising efforts are successful as possible and could be repeated again. Proposals to offer an assortment of prizes, varying in value, while also having an attention-getting grand prize will provide these organizations with a solid set of guidelines to aid them in their efforts.