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Raffle Tickets Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows that holding a raffle is a simple, easy and potentially profitable way for a charity or non-profit organization to raise needed funds.

customer loyalty - Raffle Tickets Can Boost Customer Loyalty

But let’s have a look at how the simple use of raffle tickets as a marketing tactic can help your small businesses attract new customers and cement customer loyalty.

The idea is simple and very inexpensive to put into play and here it is in a nutshell:

Hold a monthly raffle:

Display signage that informs your customers that winners will be posted in our store on ____________ (date)

Prize must be claimed within 14 days (you set the rules) of drawing date.

This way the customer has to come back to the store to see if they are a winner. This creates excitement

The business can also add a coupon on the raffle ticket that is only good for a specific week.

Let your imagination run wild.

Post your success tips and stories in the comments.

Good luck!