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Raffle Tickets Are an Excellent Way to Raise Money

Hats off to Megan Wieloch for her insightful “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay. Megan points out why raffle tickets are an excellent way to raise money for non-profit organizations. For more information on the “Impact a Life” college scholarship click here.


Raffle tickets are an excellent way to raise money.

Many people are looking for an easy way to win that prize that they wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t buy for themselves. Consider the middle aged man who would love to have the fast sports car. He can’t quite seem to convince his wife to let him spend the money for something so frivolous when they have kids and need a more practical car that can transport everyone in the family. Well, given the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for a top prize of a convertible sports car would be a great chance to have that dream car. The raffle ticket would cost a very small percentage of what the car would cost. The chances depend on how many sold but why not take the risk. No risk, no reward!

These are the types of opportunities that non profit organizations should seize to raise funds to further its ability to provide the services or further its cause. Raffle tickets are typically sold for a reasonable price especially when considering the possible reward. Many people are willing to invest in the opportunity to win a desired prize while helping a good cause as well.

Offering highly sought after items, can increase the likelihood of selling tickets. Items such the latest smart phone that everyone wants to have, a trip to a tropical destination or a cash prize would appeal to many and help to boost the sales of tickets. In many ways the raffle tickets are like the lottery. People are willing to invest a small amount for the ultimate payout.

To encourage members of the organization to get out and sell as many tickets as possible, the organization should offer incentives for the sellers. People may sell the tickets but will have more drive to do so if they can benefit directly from the sale as well. Prizes can be offered in different thresholds of tickets sold. The prizes for the sellers would increase in value as the higher thresholds are reached. For instance, you may start off with a small cash reward for 10 tickets sold. The next threshold could be set for 25 tickets to win an apparel item with organizations logo – here you are also advertising while rewarding the seller. Set the next thresholds in larger quantities and continue to slightly increase the value of the reward offered.

Team up with local newspapers and radio stations to promote your sale by advertising dates and places tickets can be purchased along with the information on the prizes that will be included. Other ways to increase the sales is to combine the sale of the tickets with a highly attended event. If there are local festivals, organizations should look into the option of setting up a booth during the event. This can raise attention for the organization and its mission as well.