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A Raffle Offers a Touching Memorial

Many thanks to Patricia Joseph for a well thought out and informative “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay that highlights why selling raffle tickets for your fundraiser is a great way to raise money.

Patricia relates some emotional, insightful and personal reasons as to why holding a raffle is a fantastic way to raise money for a good cause.

Patricia is a Health Professional and Clinical Sciences student at Ultimate Medical Academy.  Thanks Patricia and best of luck with your studies!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor: Patricia Joseph

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My four step-daughters and their Aunt, along with other immediate family members have started 6 years ago a scholarship for eligible High School Seniors in the small town that we live in. The scholarship idea came about when our nephew was killed in a automobile accident, he was a very popular football player on our football team, very active in church and the community.

The scholarship committee decided to raffle off various items of athletic gear all in a very large basket . The tickets were 5 for$20.00 or $1.00 each. Everything went well since the person was very much liked and respected even at his young age. And also because of the fact that he was an only child rang a chord in people in our town. All in all I don’t know how much money totally was raised from the raffle itself, but it was enough to award a deserving High School Senior with the Roshaad Mayweather aka “Big Bubba” Memorial Scholarship Award.

I am very proud to have had this young man in my family and the affect he had on his high school friends,his church family and community as a whole. Standing room only Home going Service if you didn’t get their on time. Unfortunately I myself am not qualified for the benefits of this particular scholarship even though it is a worthy one. I am thankful that someone else will benefit , I understand that some rigid rules apply,such as grades and GPA, humanitarian efforts, community service involvement and more.

So I believe if someone is willing to work hard they deserve the reward. It is an on going effort throughout the year planning different events to raise money and promote the Memorial Fund. During summer months, barbecue parties are held at the homes of family members with donation containers accessible. Then we have what we call park parties, where moon walks are inflated,popcorn stands,snow cone machines and hot dogs,corn dogs,burgers,pickles,and candy are all for sale. Sometimes we even have train rides and face painting.

Everything is all in fun pushing toward the ultimate goal of collecting or raising enough money to keep the Memorial Scholarship fund available for the Seniors at our High School. All in all we will continue to work diligently in the love we share for the deceased

He was a good kid even on the day that the accident happened, he was on his way to pick up a school friend who had missed the bus to school and did not want to miss school that day. He even called his Mother to let her know that the school may call to report him tardy,but he would call in from the office when he got there. She often says now that she would much rather have gotten that call, instead of the call she received from the Highway Patrol. Never the less I truly feel that he is pleased knowing in his own way he is still helping as always.