A Raffle Can Bring Needed Funds to Your Organization


Many thanks to Carroll University student Danielle Hardy for an essay that outlines the ways that raffle fundraisers can bring needed funds to an organization or good cause.

Danielle is studying Marine Biology and we wish her the best!

Raffle fundraisers are very common nowadays and used to raise money for many different things by several different organizations. For non-profit organizations raffles offer  simple way to raise money. An example of raising money would be to simply ask for donations for raffle prizes and in return the giver will receive raffle tickets as well.

There are many ways that the raffle tickets can be given away, such as through doing a food drive and each non perishable item is worth one ticket. Raffle tickets can be given at the door and then sold throughout the event. The prizes could also be used to have the event goers be motivated to buy more raffle tickets. If there are prizes worth over $50 this will motivate people to buy a cheap raffle ticket for anywhere from $.50-$5. In order to sell the raffle tickets there can be a friendly competition between the volunteers.

If a volunteer can sell a certain amount of tickets that can amount to the amount of tickets they get or a smaller raffle can be done for the volunteers. Doing raffles as a fundraiser is a great idea and can bring in the needed money for non profit organizations.

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