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A Personal Reason For a Raffle Fundraiser

Many thanks to Moriah Murphy-Thornley  for her well thought out and informative “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay that highlights why selling raffle tickets for your fundraiser is a great way to raise money. Moriah also explains the benefits of fundraising from a personal viewpoint.

Moriah studies Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Emmanuel College. Best of luck with your studies Moriah!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Moriah Murphy-Thornley
Yоu саn hеlÑ€ Moriah Murphy-Thornley’s  pursuit оf a scholarship award bу сlісkÑ–ng the “sharing Ñ–Ñ• саrÑ–ng” buttоnÑ• bеlоw.



Non-profit organizations can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser and I know that because my family has benefited from one many times before. An organization that I have benefited from fundraising events is, “On-Belay Inc”. On-Belay is a support group for children (eight to eighteen) who have had family members’ lives touched by cancer. The organization is an outdoor and indoor adventure group where children have a safe place to talk to others in similar situations or to get away from the hardship of cancer in the household.

My parents had overlapping cancer battles and even though they were both in remission by the time I joined the support group, it was still very important to our family. If On-Belay did not have fundraisers, they could not help the many teens and kids just like me. The program costs nothing to participant families so finding sponsors and ways to fundraise is the only way to keep the organization up and running.

Some years they have a Gingerbread contest. The people pay admission but they also sell raffle tickets for different prizes. This is great except they could probably sell more if they advertised the raffle ahead of time. They usually film a commercial for the contest itself and have a page to sign up in advance. However, if they also had a package where you could pay for a set of raffle tickets ahead, there might be more sales. Even better, they could give examples of the prizes they will be offering. If people are interested in the prizes, they might come to the event with more money in their pockets to donate.

The more fundraising an organization like On-Belay does, the more children and families they can help. While the organization is not a counseling group, it’s still important. On-Belay was an honorary family to me. My sister, mom and I made friends that we still keep up with even when we don’t have an event to go to. If I go to the university where they get volunteers from, I will join the club to be on the other side of the organization. Even if I do not go to the university, I want to volunteer during my free time in the summer. It’s important for me to give back to my honorary family of support. If I do not have the money to spend, at least I can spend the time.

I really hope that the organization will continue to receive enough money from sponsors and fundraising to keep these programs going. The love that is within the program directors and the volunteers is so strong and it needs to be shared with people who need it. A lot of people are sympathetic to those who have cancer, or to those who have had a family member die from cancer, but not always of those who’s family member still lived. It can be difficult to find people who understand that even without a death of a family member, the journey is still hard on the children. The children have to grow up faster and the hard times don’t always bring families closer. Having an honorary family when my family was falling appart was the greatest gift of all.