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Why Not Have a Business Raffle?

Thank уоu Dillon Warning fоr уоur unique and wоrthу tаkе оn the hоw buѕіnеѕѕ оf аnу kіnd can benefit from a rаfflе when used as a promotional / marketing tооl.

Dillon will be enterring the Pre-Med program at Morehead State University. Thank уоu so muсh Dillon fоr уоur thоught-Ñ€rоvоkÑ–ng essay – аnd bеѕt оf luck wÑ–th your studies!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Dillon Warning
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In the ice cream business, there is one thing that directly impacts everything. Weather. During a July day when the sun is out and the temperature is a toasty 85 degrees, business is booming. Workers are getting lots of hours and tips keep piling up, customers are spending their money on the most deliciously refreshing treat known to mankind, and most importantly, owners of these establishments are raking in the money with a smile on their face. However, six months later it’s quite the opposite. The “white death” hits and temperatures drop off a cliff to the single digits and negatives. Very few workers make any money and the lack of customers make it a ghost town. Owners look at every way to save a dime to survive until spring.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. We all know there are two marketing tricks that go hand in hand. A human’s competitive nature and free merchandise. Why not use them to bring in customers during the dark times of winter? Using a raffle, you could simply enter customer’s names into the drawing for each item they purchase. On top of their delicious treat, they would receive an opportunity for rewards in return for their loyalty. This would encourage customers come in and buy a multitude of items to increase their chances at winning a prize. A store could even have a big party for the monthly drawing of names to see who wins the prizes. Discounted merchandise would bring people in for the revealing of the lucky winners and the prizes could be anything from a gift basket to cash money. Everyone loves taking chances so why not use a raffle to pump up their adrenaline as they wait in anticipation to see if their name is called. You could even make a rule that you must be present at the revealing of the winner to receive the award so people would have to come back and stare at the delicious treats a little longer.

This idea can obviously promote customer loyalty and will keep these people coming back to see if they win any prizes. As an employee and customer of an ice cream shop, I know customers love being rewarded for their constant support of a business. A raffle to give back to the people that keep the business world flowing is a very simple act that would make customers want to continue their loyalty to the businesses. A raffle like this would also help employees and customers to have a better relationship. Seeing the same loyal customers each week or so would make it very easy for employees to get to know their clientele. It would create a sense of community that would draw customers to the business for more reasons than just the treats and prizes. They would come back because they know there will be friendly, familiar faces. From my experiences, I have gotten to know some customers by name and even remember their orders. These customers have been known to come back multiple times a week, some even multiple times a day. This could be a common occurrence if the business instituted a monthly raffle and held a monthly “Raffle Party” for the unveiling of the winners.