Non-Profits Benefit With Raffle Fundraising

Thanks to “Impact a Life” college scholarship essayist Montel Williams for his insightful take on the benefits of holding a raffle fundraiser for your organization. If you, or someone you know is headed for college, or in college, here’s how to enter >click here<

The best way for non-profit organizations to net profit is through a raffle that includes gifts that are helpful to more than just the raffle winners.

For instance, having a raffle on certain meals, will gain more raffle winners because it is semi-free food. Yet, If the top prize was, say, a free trip to a five-star restaurant, more people would be interested in applying, the winner would feel they gained a profit from the price they would pay alone to go.

However, if the top prize was, say, a free trip to a five-star restaurant for, in example, three homeless people of your choice thereíd be more to gain besides money by winning that raffle. Plus, the raffle buyers might not even have to use money to be in the raffle. They can donate their own clothes, shoes, or items towards the homeless as a substitute for the normal entering that is money.

On top of that, any leftover money that is there after the whole event is subsided can be split among the less fortunate as an extra gift. Even the smallest amount of monetary award towards them is a big help in this day and age. Then again, it doesnít even have to be a trip to a high-quality restaurant. It could even be a free trip to the grocery store with a set amount of money earned from the raffle profit.

So, the main way to maximize both sales of the tickets and encouragement is to add a bit of a chance of feeling good rather than feeling fed. In this strategy, the point isnít to win, per se, but rather to work together to end a plague that has affected many in just rural cities alone. As for getting the word out, so to say, the top way would be through the organizationís ďhierarchyĒ.

What is being said is that churches could take time out of their service to basically advertise this raffle. After all, many go to church to feel better about their lives and what better way to feel such a feeling by buying a ticket for a chance to get a small group of the less fortunate some high-quality food. Itís not just for the church service either. This can be talked about during bible study, Sunday school, or even other church-lead events that are being planned. Or, we can go over to a business.
If you had giant flyers, emphasis on giant, to get peopleís attention while making sure the flyers are in view of your company, youíd be able to gain more buys of raffle tickets as well as a bigger queue of homeless people to help.

By the end of the buying period, you can even increase the size of the less fortunate that the raffle winner can help from the sales alone. Itís a simple solution and it helps more than just an organizationís stability, but also gives people the chance to help the less fortunate, to feed those who can barely feed themselves, and smile with a happier heart.

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